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  1. Moved to Questions & Answers To slightly answer your question, here is a rough list of things you will need to become submersible and avoid a watery demise. Wetsuit - Obtained at Diving Shop (This allows you to move faster in water due to flippers) Rebreather - Obtained at Diving Shop (Large container that fits your vest slot, this allows you to breath underwater...Quite important) Diving Goggles - Obtained at Diving Shop (This reduces the blurriness and allows for more sight underwater) SDAR - Obtained at...Rebel Outpost? (Special Dual-medium Assault Rifle, usable underwater. this isn't necessary but something to keep in mind) I don't have any answers regarding the shipwreck. Darn criminal
  2. Hello @Brad MG This isn't the correct SteamID, could you please ammend this with your Steam64ID (It will be 17 characters long and start with a 7), than we can progress with the appeal.
  3. Hello @Kobz Alright, so I appreciate that you appear to be quite apologetic, but as you'd expect I have a few questions on the matter that I'd appreciate if you could explain for me. When approached by staff during your mass VDM spree in kavala, you mentioned to the staff member at the time that you were Drunk and shot-up on Heroin. Is substance abuse something you commonly have issues with, or was this merely a jest? as this may effect your experience here quite drastically The rule you were banned under was specified on the kick message, if possible could you please log-in and explain give me an in-depth interpretation on why we have said rule. It will be in the "Admin Kick" message Do you understand that "joking amongst your island friends" doesn't in any way void you from responsibility of the rules?
  4. Thank you for your report, Unfortunately, it has been declined The staff member will advise shortly why on this occasion they have declined to take action against the reported player. Please do not let this put you off making further reports in the future, We rely on our player base to help keep our community clean.
  5. Right @Hosid Seeing as you have failed to respond to Matt's comment twice now I'll assume that you do not have any evidence on the matter. Henceforth, this appeal will be denied, In the future please provide sufficient evidence (Recordings preferably) when making reports or better yet liaise with the individuals to potentially void need for a report. Denied - Insufficient Evidence
  6. Mate. Windows 8.1.... are you alright bud?
  7. Hello, just going to very quickly put a list of current issues with the new Special Operations HQ, there may have been some I've missed but I have tried to find as many notable ones as possible: Every door (aside from gates and chain-fence gates) are openable by Civilians: https://plays.tv/video/5cbd131dec5455b436/ No Location to fuel helicopters: The Target is blocking the ability to crawl under the fencing (Impossible to complete the training course): The facility has some floating ghost paintings: One of the H Barriers surrounding the compound is missing. The new Cameras are overly zoomed in: (P.S: I purposely missed out the Gates as DJ put a Dispatch declaring it would be patched next update)
  8. @Paul Walters Respond soon mate or this appeal will time out.
  9. Do you mean this as in a roleplay-ish "Ingame I was on drugs" or were you genuinely playing while under the influence of substances. Because if you were, and that effected your lapse of judgement on another community, than I bet on red that you will have a similar situation here. That is great, but if you feel that our community is the all singing, all dancing as you say, why has it taken you 2 and a half years to appeal. If you have friends here and you like it so much, I'd assume you'd be on that appeal like the flash. This doesn't particularly make sense to me.
  10. Hmm, I wonder where you got that avatar inspiration from. 🤔


    1. Sonder




    2. RockyFx


      You actually lol just put my beloved safari hat on and Poseidon clothes 🙂 

  11. The mismatch colours of the carts is what annoys me the most about this image. They had to sneak that yellow one in there between the oranges.
  12. Before this gets started, do you mind editing your post to have a valid SteamID64 (17 numbers starting with a "765")
  13. @noaha Respond soon bud or I'm gonna have to timeout the appeal.
  14. Yankee


    Not gonna lie, I love factorio. Having a 6 hour session and just spending 10 minutes zoomed out being like "look at how productive this is, wow, I'm a genius" than out of nowhere you feel like Isaac Newton with some of the genius but jank techniques you have to-do make Iron and Copper have proper backlog all the time.
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