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  1. Fully support moving Lifetime donators to the bottom of TS. Gives public rooms purpose. Making TS great again!  

    1. Wilco


      People have been using the Churchill room once again!

    2. Unlucky George

      Unlucky George

      Bring back the Smoking lounge!

    3. Gray


      All I request is a Scottish room?

  2. Last Visited: Friday at 23:00 - glad to see you're still around!

    1. Wilco


      No GTA RP video yet.... disappointed 

    2. Unlucky George
  3. Quote

    Are you still on this server George? I need a sincere reason to never return ..


    PS: Hope you got your urinal sorted! Be sure to come back to Dublin before Boris takes all the aeroplane keys! 

    I played last weekend - come back, before it's too late - once more to the breach dear friend 🙂

    1. Frisky Hen

      Frisky Hen

      Awh but I'd have to drag out my old mic and with all the dust I'm sure I'd sound even more robotic than I used to. And it all seems a bit crap , I'll pop on TS sometime to scream at you 🙂 Possibly 

  4. How do you join the Dayz server? I don't see the IP

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    2. WhoisDan


      'Cohost' is better than 'sidekick' I guess

    3. M


      i would say that George is the superior. 

    4. Unlucky George

      Unlucky George

      @WhoisDan - he was saying I'm your co-host

  5. @Qrow & @Henning_Edge Visiting the island after 18 months, kidnapping Qrow and handing him to PCSO Henning. I'll spare you the details but it's great to see roleplay still trumps ruleplay RPeverything
  6. Could we try removing the security checks on new Team Speak visitors - no new player will wait 45 minutes to chat - not even for me! (JK) Apologies if this has already been done.
  7. Here he is!!! We demand videos

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    2. Wilco


      No no no... I have never said this! 🕵️‍♂️

    3. Unlucky George

      Unlucky George

      If this were a film there would be a 3 min montage of every Stoneman joke thrown my way

    4. Wilco


      @Unlucky George but he never won youtuber of the year.... 

  8. Damn son, these bitches want some...

    1. Vladic Ka

      Vladic Ka

      What have you done with George? 

    2. Gordon


      Not you as well!

  9. Well you got best Mockumentary for sure but... hold my beer I know I'm early, and in the wrong place - but here are my entries. Name: AFCA's (Altis Film Company Awards) Prize: Admin Cam Action/adventure Drama Comedy Music video Mockumentary Best support I would like to nominate @WhoisDan for his many appearances - here's just one Best editing I would like to submit the Roleplay.co.uk reveal Best music I like to submit the Epic Rap Battles of Altis Best camera work  I would like to nominate @Stoneman in Special Agent Scarlet he filmed the opening scene looking forward to seeing @Banana Duck @Drew @Droge Worst
  10. @LiL Jeep I will settle for the large financial gift you have sent AND a seat on the Board of directors of "The Altis Film Company" I here by end my tenure of the Original Altis Film Company. The (original) Altis film company is DEAD... Live live the (New) Altis Film Company! I wish you the best of luck.
  11. Excuse me - I am the owner of The Altis Film Company which was founded in October 2015 See you in court, Buddy. Or, We may be able to come to a financial arrangement.... Ya gonna have to buy us out! @Stoneman @DainMK @WhoisDan @Ciaran
  12. This is great! Good editing cuts, moving the story forward but importantly, keeping it short! I don't think I've been featured in anothers video to such an extent. Especially glad to hear the @Stoneman dig at 8:30
  13. Surely this is worst than the trolling? 1h15m -  still waiting for this damn TS security. 

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    2. VeikkQ


      A problem if you have new people it takes time to the com ts and resolves the issue, however, I think people who want just troll they don't want to wait so an end of the day  I think to wait. 

    3. NotMattch


      Took me 45 minutes to go from 8 -> 32 

    4. VeikkQ
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