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  1. You need to be at the MRPD (Unsure if Vespucci ones still work) which if their is low numbers may not be possible along with the fact you need to know how to access them / controls and how to communicate said information (Which for some people it may be hard to do).
  2. It is a game, In IRL i dont work for the police OR NHS or a criminal on the game my characters ARE. you can have realistic elements in a game but the end story is its a game that people play on to have FUN not work. Police policy DOES NOT EQUAL server rules. Police policies can be broken, Hell i know many people who do and thats why their is Corruption. The police policy says one thing but a shit cop may break that rule or choose to ignore it. Hence the RP chances such as sue in court. 2nd point i agree and understand where you are coming from, I personally hate that mentality. the rest of you points are focused on RP quality which ive said before is shit on the server at times but it is what it is. End of the day breaching tactic is designed to end a situation when it needs ending for whatever reason (Good OR bad) For me personally though this just shows the simple part of this discussion: - Crims want to win - Police want to win Nobody wants to RP and want to keep the hostage tactic and expect invincibility. End of the day RP more / Stop bitching 24/7 / Come up with new ideas rather then the repetitive hostage takings and got a complaint deal with it either ingame through courts or OOC through polcom.
  3. Hate to say this and burst everyone bubble but its a game. Referencing IRL stuff is irrelevant due to the simple fact Its a game and as such we are restricted compared to IRL [I.e. police cannot do hours sieges which could be done IRL / People have to RP before shooting / You can kill someone and their bodies disappear] In addition to this something people keep forgetting when mentioning "Police have to value hostage lives" is the fact theirs no rule against it, Police are people and funny enough people can fuck up OR people may want to RP their police character as a shit cop (cough cough bowen) and The idea of breaching is to end a situation that needs ending, This can be a result of a wide range of circumstance's but again as i mentioned before its a game and every situation is unique: Different command, Different circumstances, Different Training, etc. Am not going to say all breaches are perfect / appropriate at times but If you(The hostage) are upset regarding it there's a court system in place where for whatever reason a hostage could sue stating police put them in unreasonable amount of danger without reason (Just an RP solution) OR better yet contact police command regarding it. For me personally (And feel free to disagree) this is police solving the problem that every situation involves hostages and because of this police has developed around this to deal with it (Anyone who patrolled with me know that when their was a life invader i used to say it going to be a hostage situation and demands are safe passage and no spike strips and funny enough the majority of the time i would be right to the point where i just stopped responding to them) Maybe try an rp robbery it might work depending on the officer(s) who responds. Long story short, Police and hostages is not as "Simple" as what people think / People really need to stop referencing IRL examples for the specific reason being its irrelevant due to this being a game not IRL / if you got a complaint use the courts or contact police command and high chance this is a result after every situation now involves a hostage (Which is because a completely different problem)
  4. Okay, With the state of RPUK: Starting off, I honestly believe the server is too far gone now from where it began and has turned into arma more and more, Something that people said they didn't want to happen. There are so many issues covering every aspect of the server it's generally concerning and I don't believe a simple fix will do it as some of those issues have formed RPUK culture such as the gun meta / shootings / Win mentality / Rp quality and so on. So i have put two suggestion below: My first suggestion would be to start again and by that I mean literally start the server again with a massive update that completely overhauls the server and start brand new with heavy community input and appropriate changes being made to factions / gangs / servers the whole lot, However I highly doubt this would happen for a variety of reasons. So my second suggestion would be to do another mass community input forum post (Like the change is needed one), If memory serves me right, the arma 3 server was struggling and led to a large loss of players. This suggestion was opened and it allowed the server to change and recover and introduce new policies that are still here today that have drastically benefited the server (I,e, fair ban system). All of these were voted on by the community and helped arma stay around longer. I can imagine something like this would be highly beneficial for the server and allow for necessary improvements to be made across all aspects of the server. I know this is a bit away from the original thread but when trying to write stuff down something i kept thinking is there no fixes for it and the best way for changes to be done is by everyone input and make those appropriate changes to force a server balance and make the server something everyone can enjoy rather than currently where people just don't want to log on or on the urge of leaving (Something i have contemplated doing recently) This is my personal opinion so feel free to agree or disagree with me.
  5. You're reporting me for talking over you, in roleplay? Regarding the liaison you literately /me COME TO POLICE LIAISON during RP which the probie can verify. I am not going to go into the liaison channel whilst in a situation, liaison comes after a situation you should know this. If you think this is low quality Rp then i strongly disagree especially with what was going on before the video and the context around it Just to add can you clarify what rule I have broken as I have looked at the rules and there is no Low Quality RP rule in either the community or GTA sections that i can find The only thing I will apologise for is to Blake for shouting I don't think I have any need to comment further and will be waiting for a staff.
  6. You get a private message saying whether it was accepted OR denied by the trainer reviewing your application
  7. am concerned with my hours. But in all seriousness sad to see the RPUK ARMA is ending. was my first server and last server on arma i was apart of. Very sad to see it go but thank you to all thoses that made it happen. met a lot of people here and made some good mates along with help me with my social and communications problem's aswell.
  8. Hey mate, Cheers for this i had a lot of fun to with the rp situation shame we lost you at the hospital due to all the chaos but good job from yourself for giving us a unique situation rather then the a dull non creative one.
  9. I have been on GTA 5 for a while and as police I have been under the impression someone has to have the hands up HOWEVER others have different opinions and when I asked staff I was given conflicting answers. So basically what am saying is when it comes to restraining what is allowed and what is not allowed?
  10. To begin with @Pikle Jusethose were just my personnel suggestions and appreciate you tell me what you think of them. I would be lying if i said i wasn't biased towards the police cause by nature everyone is and so giving your opinion on is much appreciated. @ThomassYeh mate i hear ya but unfortunate due to (in my opinion) firearms incidences and little to do its led to nobody going the extra mile for RP and instead i can end this quicker in a gunfight.
  11. Fair play mate ill give yas that HOWEVER i hope you can understand how this excuses has wide use and has got to the point of a joke now. There are other RP reasons for selling drugs available. My main point in the who thing was to set out that BOTH sides are to blame for the RP standards and they do need improving in addition to put a few SUGGESTIONS. For me the leaflet excuses has been use that much it has ruined it as a reason and instead been hijacked by other players leading to the reason why police are denying it which is a shame but as the old saying goes abuse it lose it. Just to further this is something i did miss when people went out of their way to make documents. Although i understand why people don't. RP is RP make something out of it end of the day i don't think anyone comes onto the server with the mindset "I want to complain / not have fun and take everything personally". Theses are the RP situations the police properly wants. Unique stuff like this although the leaflet excuses has been ruined (In my opinion) it always worth a try. But as i said before people really do need to learn to lose situations at times rather then complaining whether that be ingame / forums / discord / twitch streams the lot.
  12. Fair enough mate and am sorry to hear you have had bad experiences however as mentioned in my original post, Simply saying Doesn't help anyone and if you had been a bit more descriptive in the original post it would have been better rather then leave it to seem like you were saying all cops are terrible and as i mentioned before in my previous post all sides are to blame for the RP standards and balance.
  13. Okay here we go. Before i begin i just want to say there is a high chance of spellings / grammars or other English related mistakes i am sorry about that. I think my the message is clear but as mentioned theres a chance some things may not be understandable and for that i am sorry. In regards to the actual point of the topic. To begin with its not a dumb questions and is something people may want to know, In regards to TC (PIT) its is all situational based and different SGTS+ may authorise it at different times under there individual criteria + general risk assessment. Its is common practice that TC is made during high risk pursuits which can range from active shooters to hostage takings to dangerous driving UNDER low - moderate speeds / pedestrian density and traffic. For obvious reasons this may not always be the case and as mentioned it is situational based. There has been times where we have TC vehicles that we know are gonna out run us in an attempt to stop said suspect. (This is usually done when the person has proven he or she is a danger / poses a threat or have a high risk warrant). With everything else you are gonna have to find out in RP. Now to the argument police have to win. Which many people have nicely brought up with this topic. To begin with Police lose a lot at times from pursuits to shootings due to the weaponry or / and vehicles being used in addition to some game mechanics such as robbing shops and being able to the leave the scene and still rob the place. Stuff like that so to make it clear police do lose a lot of situations. Now What usually kick starts this argument in individuals not accepting to lose, Any officer or anyone who have played as police can tell you for a fact players never want to loose situations, there has been a variety of times where we have been in a pursuit, persons crashed, officers aims tasers and/or guns at the person. person ditches car, starts running, leads to shooting. This happens so frequently that its now just common practice to have a firearm ready. So i would like to ask how are we wanting to win when not only we lose a lot of the times but people do anything in there power to just run and win. Want another example people continuing to run even when realistically they shouldn't be such as crashing at 150MPH just to get out and run like nothing happened. Another example people screaming on the top of there lungs i have a heart condition while running away from police i am yet to personally see a real life video of a person screaming i have a heart condition while running. This is just a few RP situations we get into and yet all it seems like is a terrible excuses in an attempt to run away and terrible RP in general. Want another example here we go the bloody leaflet excuses. It has been told to me both as police and when I am civ to just use the leaflet excuses. I first seen it in traids and i believe It was started by triads in the early days but have now just became universal cheap excuses. I have done many drugs bust and every bloody time i hear "am only selling leaflets / am only passing leaflets" Now for reference rather then using the excuses PoLiCe WaNt To WiN" think about the amount of times police are told this and have turned from a valid and reasonable excuses to literally just another way to say am selling drugs. You want police to start accepting Roleplay make interesting RP situations and excuses and police will more likely to accept said reason. Because some people may not be able to think of some here's just a few I've either done or encountered: Homeless person asking for money Music show (Similar to what you seen in cities where people pay to listen to music) YouTube challenge Charity collections Give foods to the homeless Here are a few and overall ITS A ROLEPALY SERVER be creative, You will notice if you give police creative stories and something that is both realistic and unique you are far more likely for the RP story to be accepted rather then using generic and boring ones. This is the prime example of police denying RP rather then rewarding it to people using the leaflet excuses. End of the day as police we "should" want to RP and talk but at the same time give us generic stories we are more likely gonna turn it down cause like you can tell its just boring for both sides. Another comment i would like to make is linking to this. How does this help, Seriously tell me how this helps us. In addition to this it annoys the hell out of me when people WHO ARE NOT LSPS comment on this like they know everything we do / why we do it and the reasons behind this. Yes we use realistic elements but how we do it is different due to the nature of the server. But no people lose situations "police must win the situation" This argument has been made from the begging of time and is just an excuses for people to win. To make this clear cause something already tells me someone gonna get the feelings hurt i DO agree changes are needed however BOTH sides are to blame and it is not just police want to win all time there are circumstances where police win same as there are situations police lose. If you want this to change then the server needs to change. Here are a few PERSONAL Ideas: Add person damage so when high speeds crashes occur they are FORCED into Roleplaying it while also providing risk when people go 200 MPH making pursuits more enjoyable for both sides Limit guns so not only does it become more British focus but also to get cops out of this mindset of having guns ready or be killed further allowing more RP opportunities and lower the amount of situations that just end in a gunfight. Create RP situations that are interesting for both sides rather then just the generic stuff like shop robberies or pursuits. Be creative and create situations for everyone Add additional police and server rules to combat this allowing for stricter restrictions but at the same time large amount of flexibility. Make all cars speed limit range from 200 or bellow and balance the police vehicles & civ vehicles so TCs are not required in order to give police a chance and create "Dynamic pursuits" Give both police and civs more to do Make the server more balance so it helps remove this mentality. For reference i understand am talking from a POLICE stand point and some may agree or disagree but end of the day at least i can say am trying to help rather then just screaming police need to learn how to lose. ANY MORE IMPORTANTLY THE AGREEMENT THAT EVERYONE ON THE SERVER ACCEPT THE FACT THEY MAY LOSE SITUATIONS WHETHER THATS GANGS / POLICE / MEDICS / CIVS For reference as you can probably tell i am giving my personal opinion and am sure a few may agree OTHERS disagree but i think we can all agree that not only does RP standards need to be higher but everyone needs to accepted defeat at times.
  14. Cheers mate. Likewise always have good RP experiences with you. Just also wanted to say thank you for selling your reliant robin. Much appreciated.
  15. No. Stealing an ambulance is but its fine to steal police cars. Why would i just say am police on another account randomly. Its not something i like to bring up when am playing as my civ characters. You asked me whether i was police in which i responded. I remember you bring it up as another person got involved in the OOC conversation and clarified what i said. i clearly stated to you to stop and not follow us otherwise i would run you off your bike. you continued to follow and as such i actioned my threat That's your choice, end of the day its fine to help the cops if you wish too but in this case you doing so put your life at risk after we warned you numerous times, there were smarter ways to follow us where yoou wouldnt have risked your life i.e. following from a distance however you instead came right next to us so we responded. So you want to close this report? Also am not part of the staff team. As mentioned if you want to talk on ts just lets us known.
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