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  1. like i said. feel free to disagree or question. one question i would say tho in regards to your final point what if Trojan are simply responding to a non firearm emergency meaning there guns are on there backs which in image doesn't seem realistic or had more the one firearm on them (to mention am not firearms nor do i have any idea what the rules are in regards to how many weapons they can carry) but if theirs is more then a 3 (rifle / taser and pistol) in the suggestion it would go on there backs which wouldnt look realistic as pointed in the image provided. As mentioned i can agree wit
  2. The main one is if people re-log after a while and forgot about what they had on them or theses an unexpected restart, they could log back in and get spotted and risk getting arrested due to them having a gun that they believed / fought they put away and then gets a long prison sentence. The others i can think off is the fact yes small groups / individuals will stop carrying guns which is good and properly replace them with knifes but then you risk having people in large numbers all carrying guns and causing havoc and if spotted police will arrive and it can risk a large gunfight. an
  3. i like the idea of it but i can imagine a few issues that would arise
  4. Although i do believe that the prison sentencing could need an adjusting i also believe that if someone commits a crime and is sent to prison that they are actually punished i,e, if someone kills 10+ people that should get a large sentence and like jay said if someone want to commit a crime then they should accept the consequences for it. i don't see anything wrong with the current sentencing other then some crimes max sentencing could be adjusted but that just my personal opinion.
  5. Okay as i have been mentioned a few times am going to be commenting. before beginning i just want to say that i do not have any recordings so i am doing this from memory. First of all am gonna talk about the liaison i had with bosh which is the main reason how and why i am involved. After the situation Chris went to his first liaison with bosh after it was finished i got a message from bosh give or take around 5 mins later asking me to come and talk to him something that i had no issue with. when i joined and it was only me and bosh we were talking and he told me what the problem was
  6. j can tell you 100% thats not true as i was the person who shot at him first, he was not in base he was instead driving off road heading towards our outside helicopter pad and you can also clearly see me not in base either in the video
  7. I’m coming for your 16s sir 

    1. Johnathon Reeds

      Johnathon Reeds

      I'm afraid I'll be taking it

  8. So you are "Speaking out". The only issue like i have state is we cannot tell you the reason for the raid because your not "jabbers" therefore when you put We cannot tell you as you are not jabbers therefore non of your questions here can be answered but what i will say is when you said you are mistaken as it was a lawful raid due to intelligence NCA officers have been gathering however we cannot tell you as you are not jabbers. I will add though in regards to the bullying and harassments would you mine adding to this as from what i have seen personally we have not been
  9. Sorry for the late response only just found out about this PCC. I wish to add this as you have state though this point that you are not jabbers i wish to ask the question why are you filing a PCC on jabbers behalf as if he had a complaint then it would be better for him to have filled this as we can explain our reasoning for the raid and why it occurred but as you are not jabbers we cannot disclose that information to you and as such i will not be answering any questions about the raid /reasoning for the raid and the justification for it as i cannot disclose personal information about the inci
  10. And the reason for this is due to the amount of gunfights and situation police get into. let me put it this way for everyone (including non officer) can understand. Police get into more gunfights / situation due to us being forced into theses situation due to it being a HM or an RBA or even a gas station as such we are forced into situations versing rebels or Poseidon which has BETTER weaponry whether that be MK1s or CAR-95-1 and as such police need weaponry to verse them which is why most AFOs requests there equipment in theses situations otherwise police get wiped out and then continued to b
  11. Sorry to tell ya but when talking about police magazines we need to also talk about police weaponry and gear so it shows why the police has the weapons / magazines cheaper then the other factions otherwise nobody can argue a point as the point of these suggestions is the pros and cons and if you -1 it then you should have a valid argument to make
  12. So just to be clear you want people to pay more for non tracer mags for an MXSW that only a very very few people in the police can get when comparing to rebels. Every rebel if they wanted to can get an MXSW or 100 round non tracer mags without authorization or being in a specialized unit not to mention without doing a test? Truthy speaking i dont see why police should pay more for a 100 non tracer mags when a very very few people can access to them. In regards to the points you mentioned When comparing the police / rebel and Poseidon I can put it like this. Rebels can get any
  13. Tigerforce

    MH-9 Tiger King

    i like the skin looks really nice
  14. Never said you broke RP but okay It was just a question was it an admin or a rebel. not asking for names you took him from a crash and you HAD a cop hostage sorry i wasnt specific enough along with the fact you were activly running from us and you knew we were chasing you the situation was you just saying friends and allies, aiming a gun at me and then finally iniating on me. no RP story what so ever Clearly, not moaning in game saying value your life and you can hear in the video you complaining you didnt want anyone to stop you from robbing a bank that
  15. also just a quick question who adviced you to report this. was it a staff member or just some random rebel?
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