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  1. Where do I see when did I or someone else joined the server for the first time? And what about the hours I played on it?
  2. So let's use this cenario: Someone tells me to get out of the car or I'll be shot. I'm with my friends, We all leave and we are told to put our hands up. We run away. At this point they iniated but shots haven't been fired. Are we allowed to shoot? Are they allowed to shoot?
  3. I parked my car in front of the kavala bar and right away I hear someone saying that I couldn't park it there. We than got in an argument that lasted for around 10 minutes, I was saying that I could park the car and everyone parks it there, and Nick(The guy complaining) saying that I couldn't and that was the reason that so many explosions happen. He was insisting for me to park the car in the parking lot but I didn't. Later on cops showed up and Nick told the cops to tell me to move the car. They did, but for some reason I couldn't acess the car, my games was being weird, I ha low FPS and cou
  4. +1 I've been seeing way more ARAC members recently
  5. The point of the rz is to be able to get action without rp, it's hard enough like it is, the money laundery zone is the most important one the gang that has it can kill other players and steal their money. If you wanna move it might aswell remove the redzones and just make it a normal run. -1
  6. Can someone please tell me all the gang ranks and their functions? Thank you.
  7. well for starters me and my gang got a teamspeak room on Roleplay.co.uk therefore there won't br the need to use other servers. I will never advertise anything again unless its important and I have permission from the staff.
  8. (13) Advertising - Advertising any of the following services* on our servers/website/teamspeak or social media groups without permission is bannable without appeal; Teamspeak / Voice Services (example: Discord) Game Servers Social Media Groups Websites\Other Communities *It is to the discretion of the staff member who looks at your situation as to what we consider advertising. We advise caution when sharing any ip addresses or such through any of our services. This means I'm not allowed to advertise anything, like teamspeak,discord and or gam
  9. In-game Name Solotov Steam ID 76561198145887201 The date of your ban. 16/07/18 Member of the team that banned you. xKhan Reason given for your ban. Advertising (13) The Server you initially were banned on. Server 1 In your own words, please type why you think you were banned. I was doing diamonds with me and my friends. We met a guy and decided to team up. Since we were teaming up, we wanted to talk so I told the guy to join our team Speak, and proceded to send him our team speak server. We don't have a room in the roleplay.co.uk, and we don't li
  10. 1. If someone take warning shoots at my heli, can I shoot to kill? 2. If someone shoots at my car tires, can I kill them? 3. If I want to rob someone that is driving, can I shoot their tires or do I have do say something first? If so, how can I be sure they heard it? 4. If I have my weapon out and someone tells me to put my hands up, can I shoot? 5. If I get iniated on, and I have friends, do I have to warn the atacker that I have friends in the area?
  11. I'm not new to the server and I have got my house burgled only once and I got my stuff back because I killed them ( I iniated). Now in irl if I had already killed so many people like I killed here I would have no problem... Well this topic can be close since no one supports it.
  12. Well if I was apart of mafia or a gang and I saw a armed guy that looked dangerous picklocking the door yes I would
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