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    1. Casiey


      its fine bro x

    2. Wilco


      @Hammah he knew what he was typing... should have already took the it on the chin

  2. Casiey

    Clothing shop

    Seems like you always have a question, my answer to you is i gear up at advanced which is so far away from any normal clothing store, and you could say go to one but then you have to change gear mags always get lost when doing so, it would just be easier if you could just use it in the rebel shops.
  3. Yh mraps are a waste of money atm
  4. Casiey

    Clothing shop

    Ive noticed alot that i have to wear the same clothes every time i got to gear up, i have also spent alot of time going to normal clothing stores to have variety and not get bored of the same cloths, so i was thinking that the normal clothing store could be added to advanced,rebel,blackmarket, let me know what you think.
  5. Is anything being done about this as i haven't seen much input from the developers or staff, i log on first time in a few days and its feels like im shooting people with blanks https://gyazo.com/5dd294263f1a5aebd74ec68b4242566d, it never used to be this bad and its definitely not arma at this point.
  6. Casiey


    -1 dont see how this would solve anything
  7. wow unfair put a date i aint been on all day XD
  8. Casiey

    The Redzone

    if youre gonna make them bigger you need to add more cover to hide from snipers, but i would say keep them the same
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