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Leon S Kennedy

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  1. Yeah i have seen a game played with no factions at the start, seems pretty interesting.
  2. i would prefer vanilla as i think Millenium Dawn is best enjoyed in single player. Would be down to play anytime, what time would be best suitable for you guys?
  3. +1 finley is a good guy
  4. Anyone wanna play? got a few people already.
  5. @SGT Finley he caught you!
  6. Happy 420 dont put baccy in today pal

    1. Jim87878


      #420 <3

    2. Leon S Kennedy

      Leon S Kennedy

      is that a rob roberts joint?

      bacci joint.JPG

    3. Jim87878


      Need a bit more baccy 80/20 ratio mate

  7. I feel bad for that hobo.
  8. those speeding fines kill me
  9. It will be a good game, but i don't think it will be anywhere near as good as 2 though.
  10. Better than conclave?
  11. I'd be down to play