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  1. @Stoneman Will I need to hire an agent? And if yes @Zener are you available? Boys?!
  2. Yay! Thank you :) Hopefully we can do some great things for the community together!
  3. I wish I could have seen that XD I suggest we make Reece do the next UNMC meeting in a high voice!
  4. It's true indeed that not just the rebels and civs are showing this kind of behaviour but people in factions as well. I feel like the best thing as you said is to remember that though we have a few rotten apples in the community most of the members are very nice and kind.
  5. Which is exactly what I stated in the second sentence. I think it's mainly the responsibility of the community. Hopefully people will start doing it more.
  6. I agree that it is indeed a job of the admins and I think they are doing a wonderful job at it. We can't expect the admins to see everything with a community this size so I think it's also a job of the community to make it a nice place for everyone. That's after all how you get a community to begin with. Thank you Julia, it means a lot for you to say that. I agree that it's horrible that the decent men who actually are helping you out sometimes get attacked over it as well. So here's too all the 'white knights' out there: We appreciate you fighting alongside us!
  7. Sssh don't tell anyone!
  8. Yesterday I was on by myself as a UNMC member on server 2 as server 1 is full. Nothing to worry about of course, figured I'd just do some stuff to improve the reputation of the UMNC, talking to some civs, etc. As I was helping some people who got injured in a car crash a police car pulled up and under the new terrorist act wanted to arrest me. One of the arresting officers was my former head of constabulary and friend so I figured this would be some good roleplay. And it was! (You guys thought I was gonna whine about the police huh?) After a good half hour of roleplay, banter and just genuine laughter they took me over to the HMP. I was actually mildly curious about this as I had never gone to (police) prison before so I wanted to know what it was like. After arriving there we noticed a ton of other police cars and three prisoners from the same gang who shall remain nameless already inside the facility. I was being processed by the officers bringing me to prison when the prisoners realized I'm a girl. Comments like "Ah good, throw her in here so she can start sucking" followed. That wasn't the first time, not even the second or the tenth. It happens too often for me to keep count. Now here is where I am very thankful to @CSI Hugo who instantly turned me around and marched me out of the building saying 'I won't put you in there with them'. Hugo knew of course that I deal with comments like that quite often on the server and that it can really upset me. People often say it's just the internet, that you shouldn't be online if you can't handle that. So I shouldn't be able to do something I love because some people don't know how to act towards women? So let me say something to those boys who think it's cool to make remarks like earlier mentioned to women online because they can hide behind the safety of their monitors. It's easy for you guys to forget that you're talking to an actual person right? That behind the feminine voice you hear that triggered you is someone with genuine feelings who you just made feel like some kind of worthless object. Think about what it would be like if that person you were talking to was a girl/woman you held dear like a family member. Would you say stuff like that? Would you like it if others did? My point is for all the people on the server thinking they are just having a laugh, don't forget that there are actual people behind the voices you hear that might not like your comment. If Hugo hadn't protected me in that situation but instead thrown me in jail as he was supposed to do things would have probably ended poorly. I would have probably broken several server rules in an attempt to just get away from the harassment as I already have enough experience in real life of not being able to get away. I guess in a sense this post is for the people who get bullied or harassed on the server for being who they are. Hopefully it will be able to change the mind of some of the people doing the bullying and make this community even better than it already is. Thank you all for reading this.
  9. They call it the Queen's land for a reason...
  10. *dances and sings horribly*
  11. I joined the UNMC only a week ago but yesterday on my birthday they threw and amazing party! Had a blast cruising around the island in the bus while we were all singing. People were all welcome to join and we were having a great laugh. Even when we were followed by six (!) police cars (I think they wanted to party) it all just ended in a laugh and us driving on. I guess the reason why I want to recommend these guys is that with all the reporting and argueing lately between different factions, gangs, etc. they show that having a blast together within this community is just a matter of good cheer and of course a party bus ;) Thank you guys!
  12. slightly late, but happy birthday i hope you had a great day :D 

    1. Nalurah


      Thank you :) It was definitely a great day

  13. I'm sure I can bring some pieces back...
  14. So that's the one I need to 'borrow'
  15. Haha well done boys! Gonna be a great segment I think XD