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  1. Happy Birthday!!!

    1. Mike Polo

      Mike Polo

      Drink Barrys

    2. Louie Austino

      Louie Austino

      I actually had a box of barrys for my birthday hahah Thanks

  2. Happy birthday you! ❤️ 

  3. PC on a budget?

    Long story short, my old potato hasn't been plugged in since moving 8 months ago and been debating whether i should come back and annoy you all... Sooo a cheap(ish) yet powerful enough well organised block of sand is required. 

    Any ideas/help would be greatly appreciated 🙂  (or a laptop?!)

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    2. Nuclear


      No idea what to get for that low, but I sure know to say DONT GET A LAPTOP. There my good deed for the day.

    3. Blanco Bullet

      Blanco Bullet

      i would suggest an amd ryzen 5 or if you lucky a 7 with a rtx card til the prices drop on gfx cards , you would be looking around 700-750 for the complete unit .

    4. Louie Austino

      Louie Austino

      Cheers Guys


  4. Commitment King / Queen - @CMO Phoenix Why - Has been on the server patrolling religiously for a fair few years and streams them too. All alongside helping run the Altis NHS which is no mean feat! Dev of the Year - @Stealthee Why - This gent mustered up the GTA RP server from all but nothing. I have no coding knowledge but that surely aint easy! He and his team have provided constant engaging updates to the GTA RP server throughout the year! The Nice Person Award - @Nalurah Why - Always seems to gave a smile on her virtual face and is always seems to be doing somethi
  5. Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!  Hope you all are doing well given the circumstances! x

  6. Hello 🙂

    1. Norman


      I'll believe it when i see it

    2. Mike Polo
  7. Just a quick Goodluck to all those getting their A-Level Results today! Just remember that Grades don't determine your self worth!

  8. There was a system that was nearly completely thought out having taken feedback from the meeting that NHS Command held regarding this matter, this was a system that we felt dealt with the matter and benefitted everyone without making 1 group have an advantage over the other whilst still retaining the core aspects of the NHS role and allowing the NHS Members to still carry out their duty. The "let people come to you if they wanna rp" doesnt really work, take a fuel station robbery for example, I don't wanna rp with Police or get in a gunfight, i just want the money therefore the police sh
  9. We have our Public Discussion Now! Please join the community meeting room to participate :slight_smile:

  10. Point understood, but I hear of situations of when my medics try to give people exceptional RP but are instantly blasted with all sorts of colorful phrases. I think people need to understand that under no circumstances should you feel the need to threaten a medics life, if people are unable to use their minds and words effectively enough to persuade a medic then what has this place become. I for one will stand against your proposed rule change as it does seem like the NHS would just become every gun wielding persons bitch, I wont have that. I would respect your points much more if you ha
  11. My brief argument to that TikTak would be, if people are preventing the medic from free movement as they please, that would technically be holding them hostage would it not?
  12. h

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    2. MrLongSlong


      im joking i love the nhs

    3. Coco


      Why did he delete his comment, makes mine look daft with no context 😭

    4. Louie Austino

      Louie Austino

      I released it made hardly any sense 😉

  13. Some people always want the last word and be able to be 1 up on the other guy. I think people struggle to relaise that they don't have to always win to have fun. What irratates me is like your situation. If someones dog is stuck behind a box why would they also have the '5 gangs' set up ready to shoot the Police? Its ludicrous. Personally i feel like everyone needs to chill and not have to feel like winning is the only way to have an enjoyable experiance.
  14. Happy birthday big man! Don't go too hard on the cider again 😏🍾

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