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  1. Gunfight in Kavala anyone?

  2. Can't wait to actually try out the server tomorrow 👀 Hopefully they'll be a few familiar faces

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    2. Snuffles


      I almost choked on my soda, realising you were still around.


    3. Bowen


      Bloody hell, that's a blast from the past! XD

    4. Jayray Holder

      Jayray Holder

      Will see you all in Liason 

  3. Budget - Cloud 2's, there's nothing better, headsets amazing. If you wanna go a bit higher, Around the £200 range, sennhiser for quality
  4. What an end to Arma, Survived for so long. I remember joining back in 2016/17 and having such a surreal experience. 

    So many memories, Joining the Police, Getting into NCA (Wolfey made it great), Then flipping and Joining the UNMC when i was taken hostage. 

    Giving Fresh Spawns Offroad .50 cals to go into Kavala 

    The countless events the staff team made. 

    RPUK gave me close to 3000 hours of fun on Arma 3. And i'll always appreciate that!. 

    Still haven;t tried our FiveM Server, hopefully i'll get around too!

  5. Jesus, looks like the FiveM Servers going well, looking good 👀 Might have to come back and try it out

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    2. Will Boston

      Will Boston

      Just dont... please

    3. -Sammy-


      You better! It´s been a while buddy 😄


    4. GREENY


      i top lad is old Jayray

  6. I disagree on any advisory group / Council of members. There's no one i can think of whatsoever who could do such a thing without being bias. Again, friends of friends will vote people in.
  7. @MaximMy question to your point is Why don't you just play another community? Don't get me wrong, i am not disagreeing with your points, merely asking you to back it up. If you believe that we need Radical change to the meta of the server, and we need to act like Reborn/GTA. Why not just play there? Isn't it the Balance between RP and Gunfights what makes RPUK....well..... RPUK? Here there's a balance of people. I mean who knows, maybe you are right, maybe WhoIsDan is right, it's all a guessing game as to what will work. When the current redzones came out, i think we had like, 120 players, we had to spam to get on the server, so maybe you're correct. I think an issue worthy of noting is the rules. More specifically, Initiation. If i was a new player coming to this server, the rules would be a very difficult part for me to follow. As everyone stated, combat is part and parcel of Arma 3. The whole "Must have High quality RP before shots are fired" is very much subjective to the invidivuals. No one can decide if something is high quality or not. Most importantly if we are going to be changing the Meta of the server to be more combat orientated, then the rules need to accommodate for that. Saying things such as "Put your hands up or you'll be shot" shouldn't be considered low quality RP. The fact that on some servers you can scream "Hands up or die" or "5,4,3,2,1", i don't believe it's a big issue. But there's some good points here
  8. I am yet to properly play FiveM. I have probably played 2 hours since it came out as it wasn't as "Refined". But since the server seems to be great, i am thinking of moving over. My question is, Do we have guides? I find that FiveM doesn't have the same hand holding I am used to on Arma. Things seem a bit more complicated. Do we have Money making guides? If so, will some be made, possibly by members of the community or even via RPUK Youtube?
  9. We need a vehicle on the FiveM server named "Wilco's Lambo"

    1. Wilco


      You need to donate for one first... then we will spend all the donations on it

    2. M


      will an audi tt be alright instead?

  10. Runs are in an awkward place. Lots of things do generally need to be buffed, especially illegal runs
  11. 90 players at nearly 2am, not bad

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    2. DanielleS


      very epic status update +1

    3. Maverick Delta
    4. WhoisDan


      Numbers have been great this weekend, let's hope it keeps up. For a while I thought the Altis server was on its way out, so its nice to see it busy and bustling again

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