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  1. I disagree on any advisory group / Council of members. There's no one i can think of whatsoever who could do such a thing without being bias. Again, friends of friends will vote people in.
  2. @MaximMy question to your point is Why don't you just play another community? Don't get me wrong, i am not disagreeing with your points, merely asking you to back it up. If you believe that we need Radical change to the meta of the server, and we need to act like Reborn/GTA. Why not just play there? Isn't it the Balance between RP and Gunfights what makes RPUK....well..... RPUK? Here there's a balance of people. I mean who knows, maybe you are right, maybe WhoIsDan is right, it's all a guessing game as to what will work. When the current redzones came out, i think we had like,
  3. I am yet to properly play FiveM. I have probably played 2 hours since it came out as it wasn't as "Refined". But since the server seems to be great, i am thinking of moving over. My question is, Do we have guides? I find that FiveM doesn't have the same hand holding I am used to on Arma. Things seem a bit more complicated. Do we have Money making guides? If so, will some be made, possibly by members of the community or even via RPUK Youtube?
  4. We need a vehicle on the FiveM server named "Wilco's Lambo"

    1. Wilco


      You need to donate for one first... then we will spend all the donations on it

    2. M


      will an audi tt be alright instead?

  5. Smh all these down votes, yet 0 feedback.
  6. Jayray Holder

    Gallery Rework

    Wait Weapon bags in an Art gallery?
  7. Lots of down votes, not as many replies as to why That's understandable
  8. Couldn't agree more. Majority of gunfights i see, police win the overwhelming majority.
  9. Shouldn't every faction have their own benefits? Police have free gear Poseidon have Discounted gear Rebels should get a 7.62, i think that's fair but fair enough, appreciate the feedback
  10. Brief Summary: Add 7.62 suppressors to Viper Weapons shop Detailed Suggestion: I believe 7.62 suppressors should be added to Viper so that people with the licence may purchase them. Viper is considered an "End game" licence. It nets you things that normal/advanced rebel can not. And it should stay like that. 7.62 suppressors are just another reason for why players should purchase Viper. I believe it's a great benefit to add to the server. It will give police a genuine reason to patrol/Search the waters/area near the ship. And it is just something nice that Rebels can enjoy. I be
  11. I +1'ed this Though if there's tension between members, a sweater won't fix it
  12. Welp, looks like i'm using rubbers from now on
  13. Thanks, i really appreciate it
  14. Doesn't this mean the problem is the Police? Let's say that the time is reduced from 12 hours to 8 hours, 8 hours is still a long time and can still be abused.
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