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  1. Banned for giving me a email for Roleplay.co.uk and making me have to explain to a girl I am not part of a roleplay sex club
  2. Please click Here to show interest in joining.
  3. yea sorry forgot to say thanks to. And @Hammah and u
  4. Thank you so much I can’t thabk you enough.
  5. Ik not able to access my second monitor unless I want my screens joined together and it makes a full picture. How do I change yo extended?
  6. Its showing it on the actual settings on 'other devices' which is where it normally is however it wont detect it on https://gyazo.com/a29713499329a3719d6dc47418f7719b that.
  7. PC Honestly no clue its plugged in at the bottom if that helps. And it has a big white plug. It hapend when I was setting up my new monitor and finally got it working and then I accidentally pressed something that joined them together and then I disabled it and now my second monitor (old) isn't working.
  8. Thanks guys, new problem my old monitor which I want to be my second isnt working after start up
  9. Recently ,yesterday, I bought a new monitor. I asked to ask for help from someone to set it up (with the plugs and plugging it in) and now it only detects it as a audio device. However it does show the display with the taask bar however I can not move my mouse onto it and use it. If its possible please help. if u need more information I'll DM u screenshots. Thanks.
  10. plz come back


    1. Hiitsfreddie


      Ahhhhh I’m coming on wensday x


  12. Anyone missing me? X

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    2. Roberts


      Alright mate do me a favour, you have that voice that makes me itchy to ziptie you and take you to a place my victims never return from, place your hands on your head and I will get started with my torture, failure to comply will mean I will have to unfortunately use this sexy arse bullet to place your head on the ground and let me lick the blood from your brain. 

      Which works both ways, I enjoy torture and I enjoy licking blood. 


    3. Hiitsfreddie


      Hmmm someone’s mentally stable

    4. Roberts


      plz save me

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