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  1. It always seems to be a dick swinging contest between those three on who the leader of OCG is. As the official customer service agent for Orange Cap Gang, I can confirm that we are currently looking for a member with unique attributes. Our recently deported member, who shall remain nameless, brought us ample joy with his incessant screaming and receding hairline. Currently, our roster includes: - An old (really old) man - An ethnic cuisine eater - A guy that cant speak English - Someone that loves cats too much (like way too much) - Limited edition Peugeot man If you feel like you can bring something new to the table, feel free to provide a 1 minute rook montage whilst singing along to Warra Warra.
  2. Got a new profile pic for you

    Fireman Sam Blank Template - Imgflip

  3. Open up the actual GTA launcher and make sure your game is fully updated. Run the game, load into story mode and then quit the application. Open up FiveM and now try loading into the sever. It should now work however if your are still encountering the message try and reinstall the launcher. I was getting the same error message and found that this worked for me.
  4. You wanted it, so here it is


    1. MrLongSlong


      this is class

    2. Nuclear


      Last bit got me hhahahahhaha 


  5. you wanted a meme war you have it 

    ( Plz no ban hawk knows hes a naughty boy and exploiting is bad )


  6. In-game Name H4WKACTUAL Steam ID 76561198273472702 The date of your ban. 02/19/20 Member of the team that banned you. Nomad Reason given for your ban. 2.4 Where was you banned Altis Life In your own words, please type why you think you were banned. I was banned for looking down through the floor of a dmt, which gives an unfair advantage and is classed as exploiting. Why should we unban you ? Just recently came back to the community after being away from my PC for a while. Communities quite fun and its nice to see that theres been a slight increase in roleplay, in my experience anyway. Honestly me looking through the floor was just me being stupid. I didnt think twice when I did it. I already knew that there was someone there as LongSchlong had already called it out, yet I still looked. I often did it on CQC servers where its not against the rules (where I was playing before coming back to the community), so me doing it was more out of habit rather than me consciously trying to break a rule. Not making excuses for it, what I did was wrong and I understand that. Please confirm this unban request is for you. Yes I have read and understand the unban appeal process Yes I confirm this is not a temporary ban as those are not appealable Yes Please confirm you understand there is no timeframe for your appeal. Yes Before you submit this form please confirm you have fully read our rules Yes
  7. Played on a few servers and this one is the best, which is why you see you players returning time after time. Granted, what it lacks in development it makes up for in player base and the community. Whole less toxic than other severs.
  8. Now this is real music
  9. If unsure on who to vote for, look at what your local candidates stand for on issues important to you. Britain utilises a constituency-based political system and we should make best use of it. Who you choose to elect determines who represents your local areas views in parliament. No shame in voting for an independent candidate.
  10. Time to go back to one of these bad bois
  11. You can make a thread in the rebels and gangs section of the forum. Additionally if you want TS channels you need to meet the gang player count.
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