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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HDiIMVqWCdM&t=468s
  2. On such a small island, it's likely that you're going to be bumping into a lot of people, and unfortunately not all of those people are good people. Join Dunas Douradas now! Or you can hire us for things like escorts on resource runs or just an escort from point A to B. We can stand and defend and area, we basically can be like part time extra gang members if your a few short and dream of bigger operations. Contact Romly now!
  3. Okay, so I think the roleplay year is 2037? It started as 2035 from the game and as time went on years were added on. Now, Malden is called Malden 2035. When it comes out in a RP conversation are we saying 2035? Also can someone remind me if the Altis RP year is 2037 or 2038 or anything else.

  4. Everybody wanted fresh on Tanoa, and then everybody wanted synced data on Tanoa when they realised they didn't like the grind anymore. Make your minds up chaps.
  5. I'm back, I think. Last time I checked tea can't delete files. Turns out PG tips can. It's nothing that will delay too long. Should be back on soon. What's all this about a new free map? My nans ankle has swollen up.

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    2. Tyrone Is Here

      Tyrone Is Here

      Aah youll get there eventually man. Keep having a crack at it.

      Goodluck dood

      I can help you with anything if need be but remember the forums are a great place also for help ;)

    3. Romly


      Ah, apparently not. My graphics card is being arrogant and refuses to work. Terreria anyone?

    4. Tyrone Is Here

      Tyrone Is Here

      Oh no :( 


  6. s some of you know from my last post about the tea catastrophe, most of my stuff is fucked. For some of my stuff there's no hope but some of it I've taken apart and cleaned. I've manage to get my PC to turn on but it's behaving like I don't have a graphics card. Not sure why. No the card wasn't drenched in tea. I've had this issue before and all I did was unplug and re plug the HDMI cable into a different port and it worked strangely. It did get work except this time the screen is too zoomed in. Even when I go into the settings I'm already recommended but the screen is too zoomed in. I've done lots of trial and error and no setting fits the screen. I play on a TV monitor not a PC monitor, so I went and nicked my family PC monitor hoping it would work and still no hope. The screen was the right size but the graphics card stopped working. Someone please help, I'm very bored and tired of trying to fix this.
  7. Won't be on for a week, see you soon. 


    1. SGT Felix

      SGT Felix

      I agree 

  8. #Dunas
  9. #Dunas
  10. #yestorobbery
  11. I've got a lovely large house with a deck, shed and park. There's also and empty swimming pool that is convenient for helicopter landings. Message if interested.
  12. Everything between the time stamps is Isaac-ess, Rob Roberts and I trying to get these people to co-operate with a lot of swearing. 1:15 The group meets each other in game. 2:10 I get kicked, Steam goes down. 2:49 HM attempt. 5:30 We drive away with our tails between our legs, someone blows up. 5:50 SSgt Houston comes in with his unit and checks us for some reason. 6:45 International Reserve attempt. 8:40 RP escape. 9:00 Splitting cuts and family photo. Thanks to everyone that got involved, it took hours and we didn't make as much as it hoped but it was fun.