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    2. Romly


      don't play with me like that, was there actually a stream, I will fully cry

    3. Bowen


      you will have to catch it next time!


    4. Romly


      I'll punch it in the calendar. 

  2. Malden is propa alright, not too grindy, not too easy, GOLDILOCKS BRUV.

    1. sciencefreak74


      That's good to hear

  3. I want to try and run a political movement, run a successful firm, something along those lines. When I say more chill I mean not shouting at everyone and starting shit all the time like big boy Romell did. If I came across an exploit in the future, I would first, clear my throat, then somehow contact an admin in a discreet manor, explain the bug/exploit to the admin, then bugger off never talking about it again.
  4. During my time away from Los Santos, I've had time to chill out, robbing people isn't the first thing that comes to my mind when I wake up anymore. I can't show you that I can do better without getting a chance, I thinking of starting an entirely new character that's a bit more chill.
  5. This is my first time exploiting, but if you meant first time getting banned then no it isn't, you're right. If I can recall correctly I think I've been banned twice on GTARP, once for poor initiation, which I felt was a bit harsh, I did give the guy a big warning, (I still have that video if you want to give your own opinion + it was the admin I shot at that banned me which I heard they weren't allowed to do.) I DIGRESS, and another time for shooting someone instantly after pulling out my Uzi whilst being robbed, which counts as fail RP. Both times I was just playing like I was on Altis and it took me two bans to realise that's not how they roll over here in Los Santos. These are little mistakes I've made at the very start of the opening of the city and I still had the Altis mentality, I'm sorry for those fuck ups, now I know the Los Santos etiquette. I was becoming a more positive force in the City, mainly because I couldn't afford a gun. Then I joined the NHS and I had a fun couple days before I found this exploit, I can't say much else apart from, I'm sorry and I won't do it again. Not that I'll be allowed back in the NHS which I get. I won't do it again.
  6. Unban Appeal for Romly In-game Name: Romell Dudley (I think) Server: GTA RP Steam ID: 76561198148225426 Ban ID: RPUK#1896 Reason given for your ban: C2.2 In your own words, please type why you think you were banned.: I was banned for spawning free paracetamol in the NHS role and selling it. Why should we unban you ?: You should unban me because the Romly character is well known and loved across all/some of Los Santos. I am sorry for exploiting, I have no excuses other than I was being a giant C word. Not that you want excuses anyway. I was massively in the wrong thinking I was above everybody else and I could play the game differently and get easy money. If you chose to unban me, the Romly character will take a positive turn in his life, he will have such a positive impact on the island you won't believe it, you'll never look back from this point deciding to unban the Romly or Romell whatever you prefer. I know you guys like fat paragraphs, I'm trying to give you what you want without repeating myself. But here's again for good measure, I'm very sorry that I exploited, I knew it was wrong at the time and I still did it like a phallushead, I will come back and make up for what I did by spreading good times and positivity throughout the city, thanks for reading. I hope you make the right choice! Inabit. Please confirm that you have read the unban appeal process and rules: Yes



  8. I'm writing this report from a hospital bed with the muscle under my eye like Stephen Hawking since this situation has left me paralysed. INS Zulufighter has seen to many action movies and lives like he has infinite lives. He's just horny for justice, he wants justice more than an addict wants his drugs, he's willing to stand in the middle of a gunfight, trying to take my truck and then take me! Does he have family or anyone that he cares about? A dog? A parrot? In the end a participant of the gunfight sprayed at the Police car forgetting that we're on a Greek island with European cars, therefore hitting me instead of the driver, (Zulufighter). The patrol car was wrecked and I was incapacitated all because of this officers stupid, silly actions.
  9. I would feel guilt free if they weren't Scottish. 


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    2. Jamie


      You got those new players pretty good. Hopefully they had some better experiences during their time playing, gj tho

    3. Scream
    4. Gray
  10. the flood of new players is endless fun. I once pretended to be Police and charged a noob for "oxygen tax"
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