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  1. So this Tarkov game.... What do i do. Anyone willing to help out on the stream tonight, starting in about 30 minutes?

    1. Wilco


      Good luck! its a learning curve but worth it!

    2. CMO Phoenix

      CMO Phoenix

      Nothing can be worse than EvE 2015...

    3. Jordan


      still trying to figure it out myself only just bought it a couple hours ago

  2. I would like to invite one and all to partake in 3 nights of mayhem and fun. Each Saturday leading up to Christmas we will hold a snowball fight. Saturday 5th December - 8PM UK - Casino Race Track Center - Singles Saturday 5th December Results Round 1 1st Vasile Smecherie 2nd Kamran Brody 3rd Mike Anderson Round 2 1st Vasile Smecherie 2nd Jalali B 3rd Mike Anderson Round 3 1st Jordan Aaron 2nd Billy Robinson 3rd Mason Pleb Saturday 12th December - 8PM UK - Casino Race Track Center - Teams (Max 5 people) (Remade to Singles) Over the next week Post yo
  3. GTA Rules 9.7 Would it be possible for G9.7 to be brought up at the next meeting, would like the wording to be changed to this. (G9.7) Combat Reviving - If combat is in effect the area is not safe to enter for rescuing the injured. Therefore, you cannot revive at this time. If you have any questions let me know. Thanks
  4. So we used to be able to send text messages to people who were not online at the time and they could pick them up when they got on,. This seems to have stopped and not sure if that is intended. But what i noticed is, when you try and send the message it does nothing but when you back out from the window on your phone it goes White and you no longer can use the phone in game. I took this screen shot after sending the message to hopefully help with the issue.
  5. Charity Stream is up tonight i suck at HITMAN... come see how to not play the game! | https://twitch.tv/Phoenix_025 | https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/gramps-memorial-2020

    1. Simon Ross

      Simon Ross

      I bought Sniper Elite 4 thinking it was Hitman, not one of my proudest moments

    2. Norman


      Great cause - hope you meet the goal

  6. Come one and all to Agios, where i will be officially opening our new NHS clinic at around 8:30.

  7. got to wonder if @Vladic Ka has come across these guys https://youtu.be/WjC9HMlysmA

    1. Gray


      Better be pirate legend

    2. Vladic Ka

      Vladic Ka

      Haven’t came across these guys but there are many many cool people playing SoT. 

      and yes @Grey I am now PL. 

    3. Gray


      Good man, good man

  8. Twitch Link :https://www.twitch.tv/phoenix_025 Stream Schedule: Monday 6pm-10pm, Tuesday 4pm-8pm, Thursday 6pm-10pm, Friday 4pm-8pm Games Streamed: ARMA 3, GTAV(FIVEM), Other simulation or enjoyable games Link to a previous stream: https://www.twitch.tv/phoenix_025/videos Why do you want to join the team: I have been an active streamer of RPUK since maybe mid 2018, I stream NHS patrols for both ARMA 3 and GTA as well as Police on ARMA 3. I feel that this is a good way to get the server noticed by outside sources that are potential people coming to the server. I would like
  9. My suggestion is for an ID system to be implemented for civilians to use. This would show some information about the char to who ever requests it. IE police after pulling someone over, or a car dealer when trying to sell a car to a civ. This would help provide some good RP with everyone involved including car dealerships that are owned by players. Could also then be used to help populate the PNC with some basic information. An example of information that should be provided is Name DoB Address Tax ID(Char ID) Also to go along with this idea is the ability for fake ID’s to
  10. After we the police received a message earlier on this evening stating that cops had logged off the server while there was an AR weapons cache going on, we spoke with the people involved. It came to our attention that the notification is not showing when someone is breaking into the AR weapons cache, we only know when the delivery is failed. I have a video of the rebels breaking into the AR weapons Cache with no notification coming through to the police to notify us. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W-ng0-Qhl_M Hope this answers any questions you may have
  11. We would like to keep the age off the form unless it is required.
  12. Dance Party at Athira!

  13. CMO Phoenix

    No NHS members

    Dear Mr Yasleeper, This statement is on behalf of the NHS CMO's. 1. Being revived by a NHS member is not a given right, it is a service that we offer to players in the hopes for us and you to receive a quality roleplay experience. 2. If you feel that a medic is AFK i can assure you, in 99% of cases, they are not. What happens is that a medic lands to help someone and then provides them with a roleplay experience and just as they are about to finish off, someone is brought to them, then another, then another and so on. It could also be the case that the medic is dealing with a situati
  14. Thanks guys, Your welcome and nice to see a situation get resolved without bloodshed for a change. Also thanks to both you, @Samantha Orion and @Nalurah for having control of the members of Poseidon so that nothing untoward happened while negotiations were on-going! Hope to see more of it in the future! /Phoenix
  15. This happens will all the delivery jobs, just as an update.
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