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  1. I want to thank everyone who stopped by or made a donation on the stream for the walk for charity! Thankyou all very much!

  2. On Saturday evening starting at around 6PM, I will be embarking on a walk around the Los Santos Highway system. I will start my walk from Pillbox Hospital and walk around the Los Santos freeway towards Paleto Bay area and then back down the great ocean highway to the main city and back to Pillbox hospital. If you want to stop by and support me on the walk please feel free, or you can stop by the stream that will be accompanied for it and support me there. I'll be looking for people to chat too. Hope to see some of you there! Many Thanks, Phoenix
  3. Streaming some portal reloaded with alien isolation later on for a few scares, come check it out! https://twitch.tv/Phoenix_025

  4. Marabunta Father & Friends Ballas Vargos Triad
  5. No stream today guys sorry, see you all on Thursday!

    1. Simon Ross

      Simon Ross

      Hope all is well

  6. This sounds like a compensation request, you would be best heading here. https://wiki.roleplay.co.uk/Guide:Compensation_Request Hope this helps.
  7. CMO Phoenix

    VOIP Delay

    Merged into Bug Ref #32 Thankyou for your report.
  8. Is this still an issue? Are you aware of others having the same problem? If you have video evidence could you please provide it. Bug Ref #42 Thankyou for your report.
  9. Issue Ref #37 Thankyou for reporting the bug.
  10. I got the same error last night, but I have just tested it and it seems that its with all the different one on favourite tab, you can send the message but not able to get out, these were the only things I saw on a test. This was from Live server
  11. Team CMO Phoenix Joe Cracker Jeffrey Logo Hidden Secret on the logo see if you can spot it. I will give you the hint of it relates to Mr MishMasch. If you spot it and message me on TS with the correct answer you can choose either 100k on ARMA or 50k on GTA. Good luck!
  12. The Roleplayers Roleplayer - @Gremlin Why - Is always providing HQ roleplay to everyone he comes into contact with. Commitment King / Queen - @Riz Why - Had put a lot of effort into the MTO team this year and seems to always be around when needed. The Funny One - @Jack Wiltshire Why - Comedy routine for Los Santos Got Talent was enjoyed by a lot of people! The Nice Person Award - @Robbie Why - Generally a nice person and willing to help and advise where he can. Generally I would like to thank all the Staff team and Dev teams for their hard work this year
  13. So this Tarkov game.... What do i do. Anyone willing to help out on the stream tonight, starting in about 30 minutes?

    1. Wilco


      Good luck! its a learning curve but worth it!

    2. CMO Phoenix

      CMO Phoenix

      Nothing can be worse than EvE 2015...

    3. Jordan


      still trying to figure it out myself only just bought it a couple hours ago

  14. I would like to invite one and all to partake in 3 nights of mayhem and fun. Each Saturday leading up to Christmas we will hold a snowball fight. Saturday 5th December - 8PM UK - Casino Race Track Center - Singles Saturday 5th December Results Round 1 1st Vasile Smecherie 2nd Kamran Brody 3rd Mike Anderson Round 2 1st Vasile Smecherie 2nd Jalali B 3rd Mike Anderson Round 3 1st Jordan Aaron 2nd Billy Robinson 3rd Mason Pleb Saturday 12th December - 8PM UK - Casino Race Track Center - Teams (Max 5 people) (Remade to Singles) Over the next week Post yo
  15. GTA Rules 9.7 Would it be possible for G9.7 to be brought up at the next meeting, would like the wording to be changed to this. (G9.7) Combat Reviving - If combat is in effect the area is not safe to enter for rescuing the injured. Therefore, you cannot revive at this time. If you have any questions let me know. Thanks
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