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  1. Still waiting for that drone frag montage man  20210511144030_1.thumb.jpg.99f26c12c6514ec8e161bd99a7b7cbb5.jpg

  2. Gremlin

    Border Wars

    I'm not one for this type of thing, however , I do believe there is some room for something like this as a way forward of working life for Poseidon as in the more land gained the higher border passes could/would be and less land lower price etc. However I can also see this being a complete killer if not managed, thought out properly. so in short as long as thought out planned and agreed by all parties as a fair way to deal with then why not !! This could even be a contested zone for 30 mins before and after restart. just an idea!
  3. Yes please would love to have just : @Gremlin The person who has it now has not been active since 8th November 2015, and does not have any posts either https://www.roleplay.co.uk/profile/23885-gremlin/ is the one that i would like please Please Mr Wilco Sir Ty Grem
  4. Just Needs No Gremlins were hurt during the making of this film Awesome was fun Wife and i sat and laughed, she carried on laughing after the explosion BITCH !!! Keep up the good work Grem
  5. Merry Christmas one and All Hope it's a Great 2020 for you all too.

  6. Once "may as well give it a go " Merry Crimbo one and all, and to all and one a happy new year!
  7. Having been sat on the loo for the last 20 mins trying to decipher that, I cant bring myself to take it seriously, as somebody who has stood in front of judge and jury and taken the oath, it would be negated in its authenticity and would not even get its moment in a mock court let alone a magistrates or crown court hearing. now off to bed I must go, as I try to walk with dead legs as the wife lays there pissing herself with laughter!!!!!
  8. While your there , dont forget the front registration of R E C O V E R Y isnt legal and two you need one on the back legally front is optional Great giggles from Auto Glass Repair, Hit them in times of need guys they Cheap at 100k and i have heard rumours they are relatives of the brothers Bojjit and Skarpa
  9. Oh Dear Oh dear. back to training school they must go ! whatever next !!!
  10. Sure was hence the weird waddle was trying to keep them tucked in my waistband X
  11. Your In-game name CC Reminissions Name of the player(s) you are reporting DCC Gremlin Date of the incident 27/05/19 Time of the incident (GMT) 17:45 What best describes this incident ? RDM Which server did the incident take place on Server 1 Please (in detail) describe the incident I was walking around in Athira when i see a fat unfit police officer attempting to chase a nimble hobo, he seemed to be breathing heavily and only just managed to bark out the order of "stop police then commenced to count down and fire upon him". the
  12. This Ol fart is another year older today and as it is his birthday and is officially no longer a whipper snapper, please send him your kindest regards. Happy birthday Rem X
  13. Dear @GhostDarkAngel , Apologies for the delay. A full internal investigation had to take place due to the lack of evidence. Sgt Jackovich (6888) has been a long standing officer in many capacity's and has also been observed in various situations since the incident that you have described and as far as i am aware has not shown any unprofessional conduct or behaviour to the extent in which you described. At this point, as no additional evidence has been produced I am left with no alternative but to decline this PCC with no further action being taken. A Conversa
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