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  1. this is a nice idea, makes it more fair on the police while rewarding the extra risk for rebels.
  2. just a bit boring innit, nothing special in there
  3. Step 1 - Spawn somewhere else Step 2 - Remove GPS Step 3 - Go to house Alternative method- Dont be in a gang of people you dont trust
  4. was in gunfight with ground branch and one of them went to the FOB to rearm or something?. You can see TFR riot wearing a ground branch uniform there. Was shooting him and you got caught in crossfire. Was trying not to hit anyone else but when he decides to mix in with a big group of people its very likely. Either way it was an active gunfight, and somebody knew that at the start you can hear someone saying "lots of gunshots", and the person in crossfire had a rifle anyway. Lots of people had guns technically could have killed them all but that would be stupid because its obviously
  5. Gentleman's agreement not to use weapons above 7.62?
  6. Not entirely. You can still kill them.
  7. Are my eyes deceiving me?

  8. I suggest that holders of the viper information pass get a notification telling them what type of hourly event will happen 10 minutes before it occurs , giving them a bit more preparation than others. Not the location or anything, just the type of event that's about to occur. Allowing them to get wetsuits, bolt cutters etc it is the information pass after all
  9. So surely that just comes under trolling or common sense so these people can already be dealt with without the need to stop all people from getting involved, no matter if they add a positive spin to a situation?
  10. This doesnt make sense to me. Why exclude people from roleplay situations on a roleplay server? If you dont like what people are doing in the situation, do something about it in RP. If you dont want other people to interrupt why dont you host a private server. Imagine a new player turning up to a situation to see whats going on and maybe learn a bit about the server only to have a bunch of whiners scream at him YOURE NOT INVOLVED YOURE NOT INVOLVED and then get told off by an admin. Getting involved in random situations is how you end up making friends on servers. Why stop that
  11. Well thats a nice thing to see! And the roleplay was very good from your side too Thank you. Rasheed ahmed mohammed osama bin hasim al safiyr is very sad you denied his asylum. Revenge will be had.
  12. Had a great few days RPing as the "Arizona Ranger", and thought I may as well put together some of the clips I got with the BIG IRON (Zubr). This is not to be taken seriously its a bit of a parody of the "traditional" frag montage, had a great laugh going around as this character and i hope you enjoy!
  13. From Jayray - I have spoken to James, Jaffa and Danbu, and i believe this report has been resolved, To my knowledge.
  14. Completely remove grass Brief Summary: Revert low detail mode to what it was, where there is no grass at all. Detailed Suggestion: Pretty simple suggestion, have no grass when low detail mode is on. COMPLETELY NO GRASS. not a middle ground with some grass, NO grass. The Pros: Better framerate and less lag when scoping in. Sometimes i scope in and my frames drop right down to around 10fps making it impossible to get on target The Cons: ghillie suits might be slightly less effective, but if you are close enough for grass to appear you should see the
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