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  1. You know the name of the community is ROLEPLAY.co.uk, right? Use your imagination and create something to do.
  2. Looks like some things never change
  3. And here's where I think part of the issue lies. The fact that cops have to make actual writeups at risk of being removed is ridiculous. There's a line between fun realism and tedious realism and that crosses it.
  4. Been a while... When I crossed from ArmA and tried to get into GTA RP, this is exactly what put me off. I loved the fantastic combination of police that keep you in a cell for 40 mins processing you "realistically" (aka in a boring as fuck manner), and wannabe gangsters that murder you with a baseball bat for looking at them funny... The result of a situation felt pre-determined and there was a distinct lack of creativity in respect to how players were treated when they had the back foot. I noticed that this was far more common with those who had not moved over from ArmA. My ONLY positive memory of a quality situation was from Shepherd (An ArmA crossover) , who allowed me to convince him the man I ran over was my chiropractic patient. Sad to see he's no longer here. I think that ALL players need to realise that realistic RP is not synonymous with good RP. Make it fun for everyone involved.
  5. was in gunfight with ground branch and one of them went to the FOB to rearm or something?. You can see TFR riot wearing a ground branch uniform there. Was shooting him and you got caught in crossfire. Was trying not to hit anyone else but when he decides to mix in with a big group of people its very likely. Either way it was an active gunfight, and somebody knew that at the start you can hear someone saying "lots of gunshots", and the person in crossfire had a rifle anyway. Lots of people had guns technically could have killed them all but that would be stupid because its obviously people gearing up. I took my time to take him out to wait for the cleanest opportunity to take the shot. Did all I could to avoid it. Also please upload a 3 minute video to show the entire situation.
  6. Gentleman's agreement not to use weapons above 7.62?
  7. Are my eyes deceiving me?

  8. Had a great few days RPing as the "Arizona Ranger", and thought I may as well put together some of the clips I got with the BIG IRON (Zubr). This is not to be taken seriously its a bit of a parody of the "traditional" frag montage, had a great laugh going around as this character and i hope you enjoy!
  9. From Jayray - I have spoken to James, Jaffa and Danbu, and i believe this report has been resolved, To my knowledge.
  10. "there is no disturbance right now but there will be a disturbance in the air when my zubr bullets rip through it if you dont get out this tower, obviously there are plebs in the area" "there is no disturbance right now" - Referencing what danbu was talking to me about, as he claimed someone called him about a disturbance "there will be a disturbance in the air when my zubr bullets rip through it" - Both the gas from the barrel and the wake from the bullet will cause disturbance in the air when the gun is fired. Doesnt seem too difficult to understand to me. Im saying that zubr bullets will rip through the air. "if you dont get out this tower" - Simple enough "obviously there are plebs in the area" - Making sure you know that I have friends in the area This is a roleplay server. I like my "initiations" to be as unique and fitting to the roleplay situation as possible. My hostilities were absolutely clear, and me saying that bullets will rip through the air should be a very obvious lethal threat.
  11. We were hanging around the tower and we had just defended it from others attacking us. first guy that came in (Danbu) was talking to me saying he got a call about a disturbance, I spoke to him for a bit then came down to you and said "there is no disturbance right now but there will be a disturbance in the air when my zubr bullets rip through it if you dont get out this tower, obviously there are plebs in the area" clearly initiated pal also is someone saying "relic bad" really worthy of reporting lmao Because i was hungry. And also did nothing wrong. I understand you may not feel it was the most amazing situation it could have been, but you must understand the tower was just broken into and when a heli full of armed rebels lands and people start flooding up the tower, hostilities are going to begin. I was happy having a chat with Danbu who came up to me in the main area of the tower to actually roleplay which was very nice, but when I got down and saw 3 armed rebels on the stairs and people landing on the roof, I knew I had to act at that point. I clearly initiated and told him to leave the tower before zubr bullets started flying (not sure why his audio in the video is so poor). in fact I said this TWICE, the first time he didnt hear it due to his comms but the second time I made sure. I start my first initiation between 1:30 to 1:40 of the video, him messing with his ear plugs coupled with his gang member speaking over me in TS are the reasons he cannot hear it; I can’t be reasonably responsible for poor communication on his part, nonetheless I chose to repeat the initiation, I then make the second initiation from 1:45 to 1:55, he clearly knows he’s been told to leave the tower. It’s not until 2:11 that he is shot, he is given close to 20 seconds to comply but chooses to stand there, still in the DMT, despite my threat. He’s in fact given 30+ seconds from MY first initiation to leave the tower, however he chose to remain on second plat. He chose to ignore my warning and stay in the tower, finbar then gave the same threat to the guy on the roof. Which was separate to my initiation. on the guy on second plat On a side note, at 2:40 you see chickenling die, but he continues to say that "2 of them are inside" over teamspeak. Clearly giving tactical information while downed.
  12. can i also just say the irony of this part of the breakdown is outstanding
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