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    I actually like this idea it could be very interesting way and very useful for those looking to advertise drugs/illegal items online with less chance of the cops finding you but the fact they can adds a little thrill to it. I like it +1
  2. Streaming Some Call Of Duty and possibly some other games feel free to come and tune in! 


  3. 1: https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/1998-mercedes-benz-clk-gtr Name: 1998 Mercedes Benz CLK GTR Obtain: Dealership Price: 900k - 1.2m 2: https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/nissan-silvia-s15-tunable Name: Nissan Silva S15 Obtain: Deluxe or player owned Dealership Price: 55k 3: https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/mitsubishi-eclipse-gsx-add-on Name: Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX Obtain: Deluxe or player owned Dealership Price: 50k 4: https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/ford-focus-svt-add-on-replace Name: Ford Focus Svt Obtain: Del
  4. Merry Christmas Everyone!

    Merry Christmas GIF by GIPHY Studios Originals - Find & Share on GIPHY




  5. ShadowDirector

    Border Wars

    Righto so let's break this down shall we. That's very nice that you can make money from holding a "zone" but this is a Roleplay Server. And half the time most of the population are in the Red Zones and you're answer to fix the server population is just to add more zones? - Come on you lot are smarter than that. We all know that adding in another zone is going to be fun however it won't fix anything. In fact it does nothing for the server in the long run. Side Note: Why should Police get money for killing people? - I was under the impression that Police were about saving lives not ta
  6. ShadowDirector

    Border Wars

    Now in terms of content I will say it's a decent idea but practically it's a terrible idea and here is why. Poseidon is already limping as it is in terms of content and we have only just recently started getting development that's made Poseidon a little more enjoyable but in terms of this suggestion I feel like its just going to kill off the faction and in my opinion is just glorifying a gunfight and making a zone where it's not needed. The idea of pushing boarders forward and back I won't argue is a decent idea however Poseidon has loads to lose in terms of "Gear" we actually pay for ou
  7. Instead of that why not just make it so when you go into the shop instead of buying the "Bread" you get the "Buy Sandwich" option instead I feel like it would make a lot more sense maybe list it as "Marmite Sandwich" or something along those lines. (This is my personal opinion NOT the opinion of staff)
  8. I am fully aware of the lore, and asked if it was okay to proceed in doing this gang. I have tried to make my version stand far away from being lore actuate. I can not stress enough that this group in no shape or form is going to even entertain the racist side of the lore of the gang. In fact. If need be I will be happy to change the name of the group to something else given if it's seen as to offensive. My only goal in this situation was to use the logo and name as a template and build are own story based on the events to come on the RPUK FiveM server. I do apologies if anyone took offence to
  9. This is FiveM, I wanted to go for something that appealed to me. That simply did not nor would it work on FiveM
  10. Nah, those were genuine questions XD - Just been really bored recently so thought id to my own thing in the meantime. Iv tried making it as different as I passably can tbf
  11. Angels Of Death ________________________________________ Background Story The Angels of Death MC is an outlaw motorcycle club operating in the city of Los Santos. The Angels mainly deal in the business of drugs and will be actively looking to expand and take over the drug market. The Angels will also assist in the manufacturing of illegal arms to be sold on the black market. However to the public eye, The Angels are just "mechanics and Harley lovers". The club was originally founded in '1949' however in '1990' it was then taken over and reformed by Freddie Jones. Later in 2020,
  12. Well done on the event mate, you done really well! - Hope to see more events from you in the future
  13. Alright mate, so in my opinion the way you have presented you're complaint is very wrong, if you have a "specific issue" with Poseidon and how they operate it would be best to contact Poseidon Command and if rules are being broken attempt to contact who has broken said rule, or go straight to the "report" section if you feel that it's necessary. The way you have gone about making this post is completely wrong and I would advise re writing it to be a little more constructive instead of attempting to bad mouth an entire faction and create drama. Poseidon are not bad people, and are always
  14. ShadowDirector

    Usual Drew Clothes

    This I like, as if one streamer gets specific clothing everyone is gonna want to have one.
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