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  1. Goodbye Altis POLICE!

    I have not helped them on duty as a cop. Ever. The issues that happened before hand (couple of days ago) this post does not refer to. Yes I was doing rebel activity whilst of duty and you know that as I had told you myself. Keep the permanent blacklist if you must. Again this was for RP purposes otherwise it would have been pointless. I am looking to engage in quality RP nothing more nothing less. Think of this post however you want to think of it but just so you know this post does not relate to the incident that happened the other day.
  2. Goodbye Altis POLICE!

    I joined the POLICE to learn more about the server. I never helped the gang whilst I was in the POLICE as I prioritised it. I liked being in the POLICE and was hoping to get to a decent rank mainly to help out the Community Support Officers. I was not meant to be in the POLICE for long but without knowing it I started to enjoy it and grew attached to the force. Again this was nothing classified. nothing I have not publicly stated in the past. I thought it would have been nice to make up a RP situation so myself and the POLICE could engage in quality RP on the server. I do not understand why there have been so many abusive comments on this thread. Whilst I was in the POLICE I took it very seriously. I was always there to help people when they needed it and I thank everyone who helped me in the past. Again this post was for RP purposes only. It is sad that I am now permanently blacklisted as I would have joined back after I had finished what I needed to do however we have past the point now. Again thank you to everyone who helped me it will not be forgotten! A special thanks to the Academy and the Athira constabulary!
  3. Goodbye Altis POLICE!

    This status was for pure RP nothing more nothing less. The people who knew me whilst I was in the POLICE knew I enjoyed it, I wanted to leave to simply play more with my mates that's all. I see that these guys do not wanna RP the thing instead they wanna throw abusive comments my way. I do not understand why though... Yes it might not be an original story but I will be sure to be more creative in the future!
  4. Goodbye Altis POLICE!

  5. Goodbye Altis POLICE!

    Oh well it is what it is.
  6. Goodbye Altis POLICE!

    Bloody hell I am being roasted and some of the comments are actually funny too! none the less I do thank everyone who helped me in the past that will not go uncalled for. I look forward to engaging in quality Roleplay with you guys in the future thanks again! [FYI this post is for RP purposes and only]
  7. Goodbye Altis POLICE!

    Greetings to the Altis POLICE force. Most of you know who I am or was "PC Faheem [AT586]" recently I was in the POLICE force believed to be working for you... however I was in fact in the force to gather information on how the POLICE operate internally. I feel that after being in the POLICE for a little while I have enough understanding to move on and continue my work as commander of the SOS. I would like to publicly announce that the SOS will refuse and will NOT surrender to the Altis POLICE Force. I have seen the corruption that lies inside the force! The SOS will fight for you and will bring glory to the land of Altis. The Shield Of Shadows will be declaring war on the Altis POLICE force. You better not be silly enough to let a officer slip out of your sight boys... he might not come back. ShadowDirector
  8. Altis Life UK Server Development - Feedback

    When is the ARAC uniform being added in?
  9. ShadowDirector

  10. VOTE FOR ME!

    I am going to attempt to shut down drug operations in Kavala. Make sure the POLICE units are patrolling all areas of the town. NOT just kavala central. And it goes for the rest of the towns. I hope to get POLICE units to patrol everywhere including Pygros. For me to cut down the price on rent I must look at the income of the average working person. Once I have done that I will then speak to the government in the hopes of cutting down the rent so you have more money to provide for your family's. I see we have many homeless on our streets also. I will be speaking to the local councils of all city's and towns to see if it is possible to help them refurbish the abandoned homes. I will be funding that directly from the mayors protection fund. I will look into refurbishing the local parks for the children as well. They are generally unsafe and can not be used in the current state they are in. (Kavala Park)
  11. VOTE FOR ME!

    Greetings I am ShadowDirector... I would like to say. If you VOTE for me. I will make sure the crime rate in Kavala goes down. Dramatically. I will also make sure that the rent for your homes all around altis is dropped. I will try my very hardest to do this as mayor. I will try make things more affordable for the regular person. And the working people. Pay less tax. money given to our ARAC and TAXI drivers as well as our delivery men. VOTE for me and lets make a change together. As a nation. Lets change ALTIS for THE GREATER GOOD OF THE PEOPLE!
  12. Selling out of my armory

  13. Selling out of my armory

    How much for the tactical vest (police) ?
  14. I have spent a a lot of time in Kavala. However. I am not happy with our police force. It seems as if they only care for drugs. I have seen people being robbed. And they drive straight past. This is why you should rebel! Join the Atlis Rebels and make a difference!