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  1. HAppy BirTHdaY ya mad scouser 🎂

    1. adaco


      Thanks brother dont eat to many fish burgers 😉

  2. Character 1 Character ID - 15418 Character 2 Character ID - 388 Affected Car Reg Plates - All
  3. I wish i was as cool as you guys.
  4. Hit me up if you want to sell.
  5. Anyone here still have a barn for sale?
  6. The BFF part is and will never be true This was the first RP server i joined after buying arma, i was lucky i guess.
  7. 2 baked beans and a coffee to be honest i dont know what they go for.
  8. He wouldn't but you would Is there anything you can tell us about plans for the ship?
  9. still a lot but big gangs could pay that no problem i guess. the ship does need a upgrade though, i think it should have land (too sling load), air and sea vehicle spawns.
  10. 64 mil a month in rent damn
  11. Need a bergen backpack asap Hit me up with prices
  12. Like pupss said how much you paying? I have about 15
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