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  1. remove or rewrite old script as well could help here
  2. money comes, money goes, lets just get it in shop I suggest the old price 100k plz
  3. Yes, Look at it this way, Arma 3 was released in 2013. Meaning a lot of the players now in 2020 have other things to do than 4-6 hours ingame each day. (work, wifes and all that real life shit) So to make most out of each session, we should be able to buy this from a stable shop rather than being dependent on other players doing this to add i auction house
  4. To say that gangs are not good enough is not a great argument for not adding it back to the shop. And if you need to grind 30-40 min to make a charge, then to use your words "know it will go wrong without planning" the fun of it is all gone. Doing a HM as a group pull players, even washed up boomers like myself. And to be honest I think if its added again and then on top of this change the minumum amount of cops back to 10 or 12 it will make the HM be a poppin place. Lets spend our money on over priced blasting charges from the shop
  5. Brief Summary: Lower price on mk1 Detailed Suggestion: I feel we have reached the state now that the mk1 need to go down to a level where we all can enjoy some solid price and good fun in redzones with the great discount from RPUK's advanced weapons trader. suggested price 150k The Pros: -Spend less on loadouts -Could make gunfights more fair for newer players by giving easier access to mk1s The Cons: -Will lead to more people using mk1's on the rest of the island which will increase the amount of gunfights and potentially the length of gunfights due t
  6. Haha, it has its own hdd xD so worth tho https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1a9CnaeWjmU some highlights from the week
  7. Been playin warzone the last months with some of the crew, its freakin lit. Decided to make some content and we ended up with some high kill gameplay from yesterday's session. Enjoy
  8. low detail fps is dope now, good work devs

    1. MrLongSlong


      you sure its not because theres hardly anyone on the server?

    2. DemonPuppy


      Low detail mode doesnt even work, turned it on and grass is still there 😞

    3. Jaffa


      @DemonPuppy Low detail mode reduces the terraingrid complexity, which is exactly what made the hills render badly, unfortunately there is no way to separately control the grass.

  9. please dont make it all redzone, that will become snipe fest
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