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  1. Haha, it has its own hdd xD so worth tho https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1a9CnaeWjmU some highlights from the week
  2. Been playin warzone the last months with some of the crew, its freakin lit. Decided to make some content and we ended up with some high kill gameplay from yesterday's session. Enjoy
  3. low detail fps is dope now, good work devs

    1. MrLongSlong


      you sure its not because theres hardly anyone on the server?

    2. DemonPuppy


      Low detail mode doesnt even work, turned it on and grass is still there 😞

    3. Jaffa


      @DemonPuppy Low detail mode reduces the terraingrid complexity, which is exactly what made the hills render badly, unfortunately there is no way to separately control the grass.

  4. Please update our rebel life so the core of us have something to do

  5. 3-4 mill g LIM is like 400k so 7.62 LMG should easy be 1 mill. Then u think about it not being in any shop, so 3-4 is a legit price imo I remember when it was 350k on VIP island, good times
  6. active gangs ?

    1. Proxeum


      Long time no see buddy, hope you're well

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    2. Kempi Anderson

      Kempi Anderson

      Hitting the dead body caused it to ragdoll and launch the vehicle forward, you probably hit that wall going at least around 100-200 

    3. Jaffa


      ^ The engine basically punished you for your VDM lol

    4. Vlad Vagin

      Vlad Vagin

      love when you get armad

  7. I hear rumors about decamp script vote? I think the community is ready😎

  8. Something that I have felt missing over time is the fun around combats. This is also one of the reasons that made me more inactive over time due to constantly thinking about this as anoying.. so please this is just feedback and what i think can make a good change and make it more fun to be online for 3+ years ago it was way more action and fun combats. I know its a RP community, but a good part of Arma RP is the great combat that comes from this game. Some ideas that I have on the top of my head are: Remove decamp script This have been a hot topic a long time, but its a game changers and will make a lot more fast paced play-style. Adjust prices Ifrits - They are too expensive Make them cost 500k again like back in the days, this will make it more used, but also change the dynamics of combat and play-style. Loadout - Adjust The loadouts now are between 300-500k, this is not a killer for the economy, however, making lower price on gear might get people to not care as much about it when its lost, then this might reduce the amount of "whine" peer2peer. Capture zones Make them more living Make a ticker, so the group with most players in the zone takes the zone. (Like koth ish - 4 from gang X outnumber 3 from gang Y so gang X capture % according to time) Create something for these zones, some cool qcq buildings etc and make it a capture zone so people have to push, not just snipe in Available gear Long range scopes Simply remove them and make them a craft able item just like suppressors. Its not fun for combat NLR - Shorten it to 10 min / remove it from Captrure zones and other red zones HM - Please just let us all return, the way it is now is unbalanced and just very frustrating from a rebel POV. Factions have such a huge benefit that they can return, let us all return after a 5-10 min NLR, makes it more fun for all parties.
  9. Green poison is not new, been smoking that for years I'll take a truck of ur hands
  10. 14mill total ? I think its time to start doing iron if thats the payout u get from your bank jobs
  11. Skkrrrrttt skkrrrrrt, just rolled up back home, time for gang life

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    2. OG Jon Snow

      OG Jon Snow

      welcome back cheif

    3. A A R O N

      A A R O N

      maa bro got back ❤️ #bigupOG

    4. Vlad Vagin

      Vlad Vagin

      thanks booys, now lets go get them moniiiiieeez ❤️

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