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  1. Sales are already on, normal price for everything would be 690K: 500k Ak-12 180k Suppressor 10k RCO+Bipod+IR Dont forget for 5k each magazine.
  2. Maybe I wasn't too explicit on this one, but I assumed people would get it, I'm selling the guns starting from 300k, which is a fair price, then I planned to move the price up with every buyer (Because of bids) but in any case, you can buy on for 300k.
  3. If someone sold me an ak-12 for 120k I'd think that person is an idiot, sorry, 300k min.
  4. I do understand this, but I need to earn something, no? Starting price is 300k, also you're saving like 50k buying this gun here, I paid everything 550K and I need to make some money out from this, get it?
  5. Hell no, each AK-12's starting price is 300k, you can "Order" one for 300k and if no one else bids more than you, then the gun will be yours.
  6. Wait, you are offering 430K for an Ak-12?
  7. Nah, 590K, I'm losing a lot here m8.
  8. Today I am selling some of the weapons I have at the base just taking rust and getting old. The first one(s) is an AK-12, it comes fully modded with RCO scope, 7.62 Supp, Bipod and IR/Flashlight. I am selling this for 300k giving you a discount (Normal price would be 330k). The second is an MK-14, this is my favourite rifle but now It is just getting old, 90K for this one, cheap or not I don't care. PS: I take bids. PS: The Ak-12 Shrekts hemmt with like 8-10 bullets.
  9. Sure, give me 10 minutes and I'll be there, I'll send you a PM when ready.
  10. I get you, as a business man you always want to earn something. 1.1 Milion
  11. When will the bidding be over? PS: If you don't feel satisfied we can negotiate this up
  12. I mean, I can pay you 550k, if someone else raises the offer I can raise mine to by giving out a gun. I can still increase the money btw if you refuse the gun.
  13. Well, I can't give you both, for now, but I could give you a fully modded ak-12, suppressors and other low-mid tier stuff. (Weapons and Attachments)