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  1. I love you 😍😍

    Jag älskar dig min svenska älskling

    lmfao im drunk

    1. Realzeke


      highlight the whole text you will see a hidden message http://prntscr.com/fje080

  2. Can anyone explain what is it, if it's a new intro to the server when new people join that it's dope.
  3. Goodluck everyone that applies, I hope it'll bring more polite, nice and awesome staff members to this community.
  4. +rep this guy was amazing, flawless deal!
  5. Yo dude, this was DR. O S M O Z A, and I just want to say thank you for the amazing roleplay you have given to me and for the great time you spent with me.

    This was defiantly one of the best roleplay I had in a long time and I hope to see you in the long run.

    have a wonderful week from ya boi O S M O Z A 

  6. Sold, @The Cobra feel free to contact me on TS or on forums to complete the transaction. I am known as DR. O S M O Z A.
  7. offer is 1mil, any higher offers?
  8. LOL, great one ;)
  9. mk200

    1mil right here
  10. Current offer is 1mil
  11. You are more than welcome thinking this, but ruining an auction by commenting this is kind of a "douchy" thing to do. I am asking for 4mil, this is my auction and I am allowed to set my prices. Have a nice day
  12. Starting bid 4mil bid increase min 150k
  13. How much for an MXM?
  14. I wanna buy the following: 1 MX SW black and a 100mag if you have, if you dont then just the rifle it self and a 1 Full Ghillie(Arid)
  15. Sold for 3mil