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  1. I dont expect admins to come in removing my money and also my barn cuz some fella came crying on forums cuz he didnt use his brain before handing over 25 mil. Funny how other people who scammed didnt have admins taking their shit after scamming.
  2. Yikes taking my barn and the money because some kid went running to forums because he got scammed.
  3. Didn't have a good reputation to begin with.
  4. Why are all you man upset for What's done is done he aint getting dust back say what you want bout me aint gonna make me change my mind.
  5. The fella is gonna get donated like 30 odd mil he's making profit from getting scammed.
  6. If people are always so bothered about scamming make it a server rule.
  7. Idk a lot bout the prices but about 40 for it.
  8. I have one can sell depending how much you want to pay for it.
  9. Your just making stuff sound confusing everything we did was fine kieza got RDM'D so it don't matter if we told him about the blackfish or not. https://gyazo.com/a520f591afcb23645b40cd7c5a746c5d So me and my gang mate die at GB gang base fair enough but we still have one person who now has knowledge of a blackfish that might have got stolen he has this information from us and also the fact that he was RDM'D he can tell anyone this information about a blackfish that is most likely stolen. Awhile later by the weed field I got shot out my heli after being tracered my gang mate who was there watching the whole situation he then followed you guys until you landed on a random hill a few km outside Agios after some time we both drove around the area until I was shot in the head by a guy on the hill when I shot at the car that was stolen from me and same happened to my other gang member at that point I believe it was only us in the gang who were online so we didn't have anyone left who would know about the situation so we never came looking for a stolen blackfish again. I'd also like to point out that these situations happened during 3 hours I believe as that's what banci said and all the situations happened in complete different locations than the other ones it's not like we came back to the same location 3 times within a 15 minute NLR cooldown. Id really like to know what the admin thinks about this as I think I done nothing wrong.
  10. https://gyazo.com/576e27e8a4235b2cd28225974a6bc4a9# Idk why you said that when in the rules it's the opposite bit odd.
  11. Dont have any footage if i had of been told that they had a problem during the situation maybe I could have footage but I dont
  12. When I ring someone my number wont show up and if I go into my phone settings and click phone number nothing shows up.
  13. kieza got rdm'd and he was also told before we died that the blackfish got stolen we waited more than 15 minutes after the situation and started looking for the blackfish that we were told about being stolen and after I got killed thomson was still alive this situation is not getting anywhere tbh. I have commented on every part of the report and honestly think that I was not in the wrong I will no longer reply unless an admin asks me a question or wants information.
  14. when we first got killed by you lot at gb gang base we told kieza that the blackfish might get stolen after we died he told us that we need to find a stolen blackfish Thomson then found the the blackfish so I flew over to rotor block it I got killed and Thomson did not he then followed the blackfish and later informed me on where the stolen blackfish was so we sat in the area of the blackfish and later died.
  15. Thomson followed you from weed field after you killed me We never tried to steal it back tbh the closest I got to it was when I rotor blocked it at the weed field
  16. You told me if I keep driving the vehicle it will be disabled so I didnt getback in it and a few seconds later I got pinged at standing beside my vehicle
  17. I parked about 300m away and shot towards thomsons direction not like I was shooting close to you lot to make you think I was trying to hit you
  18. On the combat revive I revd Thomson and as soon as he got revd you shot at him when we were about to leave the situation so he shot back then. On one clip you never told kieza that you would shoot him and you just shot RDM The other clip on the hill when the guy took my suv I was never told that if I did anything to him his friends would shoot I shot the vehicle after initiating and got shot instantly he could have easily stopped the vehicle and said if you touch me or the vehicle my friends will shoot but he didnt I do have video evidence if needed to show my pov We were not bating theres a reason why I stayed so far away from everyone trying to run after my suv so i didnt get initiated on I dont see anything wrong with me randomly shooting my gun into a complete different direction than all of you I can soot when i want to. Dont know why the video clip is gone but heres the rdm on kieza
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