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  1. These tracks banging hardddd.


  2. 30c3c07150ca61785cf077a206c638e5.png

    Having fun Norman SMH

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    2. Lube


      Honestly 20 seconds, sadly already had the picture of Norman in my download folder

    3. Chilli


      uhhh what have you been doing to have children from a children show in your folder?

    4. Lube


      no comment

  3.  ye.JPG.d2a3af77d363d16af64390c697051d01.JPG

    Certified banger mate

  4. What do you mean you were 3 meteres behind me spraying me and you didnt even kill me
  5. https://gyazo.com/0a6bf0d867d4a42f56c2df59dfc55894
  6. I realise that this is a Police vs Poseidon thing. But ive got some suggestions to make it more fun for rebels to play it: - Add an FOB much closer to the zone -- I think for the next few border wars its okay but I would love to see dynamic border wars fight areas, once where it was now, once in og etc. - Instant respawn in the entire redzone not just priority - Kill rewards everywhere in the redzone for rebels and increaase them - Increase payout of the capoints for rebels - Increase the server performance through script optimisation and reduce useless assets
  7. Its good to see that rpuk is now more open to what the community wants which inturn results in full servers . Border wars is a good thing for the server just needs some changes and improvments, but as you say its week 1.
  8. Suggestion: Remove all non-essential to border wars assets/scripts to improve lag in this restart state. My pc cant handle this
  9. I think just adding it to a more intersting place like kavala would be better
  10. https://gyazo.com/034fe1f92e8f34837637ed0dbb0555fe
  11. Great to see the server numbers healthy again on a tuesday night https://gyazo.com/2d7ec340a5eeccc4b2b3efc89a0a7df4

    1. Riad


      Yep and if u want it to go even higher how about u get ur ass on the server 

    2. Alex Maximillian
    3. Hola Beep

      Hola Beep

      it would be 78 instead of 77 if i was able to join too 😞

  12. 31 players and this is grove street car park that used to have lots of cars https://gyazo.com/d3bfa7c6a1e443335dea548a4dbec415 one singe van that i cant even get into due to this bug
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