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  1. Sofia House for sale! Best for Salt runs!

    I'll buy for a millon
  2. 1,5M giveaway!

  3. YR Poults

    @Brandon Bailey It was a lovely experience for me,you also @Vinny NHS there was some really good rp and I hope I see you around the streets of altis again wish I had video of it sadly not recording You also had very good rp when we first anpred you're vehicle we saw you were wanted and it was going to be a big chase but you were very compliantent your stories about your robbery also your murder were one of the best rp I've seen. Thanks once again for the good rp Yr Poults
  4. NHS Checkpoint Attendee's

    It was great fun would always do it again Anytime
  5. House 143m from kavala Drug Dealer