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  1. Well yesterday at rebel outpost, i gave away 7 mill to people, got 160 mill left
  2. Its been a while since i last played, i need friends again all my friends are in police force or poseidon.. x Mazi
  3. BACK IN BUSINESS! Hit me up

  4. Merry X Mass everyoneeee ❤️

  5. Nah, not gonna spend 150mill yet
  6. Everything is fixed, thanks anyway
  7. Hello there, if you have a decent barn, and you would like to sell it, please leave a message here, i will respond quick!
  8. i’ve been on the server for almost 2 years, and i still like to play it and have fun with everyone, but what i miss when i first started to play, did runs in my truck boxer and had a rook-40 on me, sometimes robbing people was so stressing, and getting pulled over by cops when you was doing a weed run. i miss those old feelings.
  9. who this guy slzx on your banner?

    1. Wesleyy


      Don't know mate, random civ what i picked up and give him some poseidon gear

  10. Don't need any help anymore, i fixed it!
  11. Sup bro, can i text you on teamspeak today?
  12. I have a few qeustions about Razer synapse for my keyboard and mouse, if somebody know something about Razer, please let me know. We will make concact!
  13. Its was a funny night with police & poseidon , next time which police station and how late?
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