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  1. Banjo Jo when he makes his debut on FiveM 

    1. Simon Ross

      Simon Ross

      If he starts playing fiveM I might just have to load it up again 

    2. Banjo Jo

      Banjo Jo

      Is it good roleplay over there or like semi-serious? I might go FiveM. 

      Taxi driver 3D Printer Banjo Jo 😎

      Buddy get in taxi now or I will shotgun your face

    3. Bone Topick

      Bone Topick

      If you are one on one with someone you will get good RP, if you are in a group it will just be everyone chatting shit, punching, driving vehicles into you. 

  2. I see you kicking around here! Gonna be coming back?

    1. Banjo Jo

      Banjo Jo

      I had no luck applying for Visa-renewal around a year ago. 😞

      I really miss my friends, however I can predict potential response to resubmission.

  3. Image result for feelsbadman

    1. Joshua Triton

      Joshua Triton

      We need our favourite taxi driver back

    2. Banjo Jo

      Banjo Jo

      Just one of those things. :') 


    3. Joshua Triton

      Joshua Triton

      Get that unban appeal in 

  4. You know for sure Banjo Jo can deliver; however the government has declined my Visa. You're have to find a BTEC Banjo Jo, sorry friend.
  5. Sad music in background. Man leaps to his death. Officer smacks man unconscious to his death. Pilot witnessed it all while his cropduster spools down and laughing at such awful event. What is going on, this is too much stimulis for a normal day in Kavala.
  6. Looks like 16 or so vultures have spotted some fresh meat and gathered for a feast provided by the gods. How generous Altis truly is.
  7. SAMPLE TEXT No disrespect intended, just wasting people's time as a revenge of losing 28 seconds. Buddywhat.mp4 - ‎22 ‎May ‎2018 8:39 pm Buddy What.mp4
  8. Banjo Jo

    Grid 2 Free

    Thanks for the early birthday present; you're the best parent I've never had. Much appreciated.
  9. Can someone vote on behalf of Banjo Jo, I would very much appreciate it. Just grab a hobo and force them to vote if everyone has used up their vote. Good luck with the election best friend Perspective.
  10. Yea some crazy madness happening with the forums. This status been like this for a few days.
  11. is the only Taxi driver on this Island back yet? 🚖

    1. Banjo Jo

      Banjo Jo

      Hi old friend Dean, its been a very long time. We lost contact and I miss you dearly. I've committed a nasty crime and been deported back to India. The family is disappointed but also thanksful they have missed me massively after leaving for 2 years.

      Currently in despute for my visa renewal; I may return in 1-2 months or have to reapply near end of 2019.

      You know how it is.. much more important matters to attend to aside from visa renewals.


      Take care of yourself friend, much love. ❤️ 

      I will see you in the near/far future.


    2. Dean Molay

      Dean Molay

      I hope you get your visa, and go back to UK soon, so we can have our Taxi driver

      take care

  12. Buddy this is kidnap, drop the cereal and hands up or banned final warning..3..2...1.. *BAN BAN BAN*
  13. The devs only gave him 1 animation and it was chosen perfectly; really sums up his feelings towards the officer.
  14. Hello friends, retired taxi driver Banjo Jo here; just dropping a golden moment of my NHS days.


    - 11th June 2018 5:28 PM

  15. Hi friend, i am Banjo Jo the greatest taxi driver to ever live in Kavala. (And a few other "qualifications" if you will ) You'e extremely missing out on infinite variations of adventure by not joining the Taxi business, yes you may have to pay a naughty amount to acquire the license and vehicle but you'll not regret it. My old pal Edgar, he was a nice man like me usually with a bunch of medical supplies and roamed the entirety of the Island helping those in-need of medical or weaponry backup, I've been deported but I do miss him and he may still be around. Let him know Banjo Jo sent you, and you wish to learn his ways. Much love, good luck.
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