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  1. So now it's a revenge report, ok can't add anything to that...
  2. You denied anything that happened. SO no point to ask about compensation or anything like that. I may have misremembered the number indeed. So by this you are telling me that, for example you initiate "If you get in that car I will shoot you, and this may result in the harming of it's occupants!" on a hobo that runs around and suddenly jumps inside a random car, are you entitled in killing the driver? How did you know that we were in the same group? You aimed for me the pilot, that was not involved in any way in that scenario.
  3. Report a player Your In-game Name: Lee Nover Name of the player(s) you are reporting: Andre Which server did the incident take place on: Altis Life Date of the incident: 05/08/21 Time of the incident (GMT) 24hr Format: 1030 What best describes this incident ?: RDM and Poor RP - (1.2) & (6.1.3) Please (in detail) describe the incident: We were going for the bullion ship, when we arrived at the pier near Pyrgos, one of our group members got killed (can't say anymore then that, cause I couldn't hear the whole thing), we counter-initiated with fri
  4. I was waiting in queue for FiveM, from position 108 after almost an hour I was at 60 and it failed on me... Now I'm at 89, no wait 90. What is going on? :)))))))

  5. Interesting fact: Few people know that my name was CrazyCabbage back in the day :))

  6. Hello beautiful people, I'm PC Toma from the Athira constab. and I would like to sum-up the first week since I got back from my little break. By posting this "week report" I would like to encourage new people to join the police or motivate the recruits that we so fondly call "Blue barries". Let's start with one of the first things that happened on the first patrol. The "boop incident" @Gordon MaGuire (if you could provide us with the gold GOPRO footage) Then fast-forward past the reaccommodation period. We recovered a stolen Police Hunter (by peaceful ways, with the help
  7. Hello, ladies and gentlemen!

    I have returned, ready to get the bad boys, with my new arriving and old partners. I have finished with my high school finals and now I have the rest of the summer free!

    Kindest regards, Toma.

    1. DCC LastNickLeft
    2. Aethon


      stay classy

    3. Toma


      best one yet :)))

  8. Finally, I'm once again a PC in the APS, can't wait to get to the rank of SGT where I can use my report writing skills to the fullest, I hope I see you guys around Altis in peaceful manners! To my colleagues, I hope this marks the start to beautiful and constructive friendships tied around the world!

  9. I can verify, he did indeed combat log as soon as he started being threatened.
  10. Hello beautiful people of Altis, anyone up for a APD parade, if we can organize one, we can give crumpets and coffee to the visitors!!! We can even have people joining in on the convoy lets just all go for a ride around Altis while showing off the recently washed cars and helicopters that the department has in it's garages and hangars. Maybe we can inspire some people to join in our ranks as well! Just like the good old days!
  11. F51A43309E1975B82C6B4DC108E465C555711A0AHello beautiful people of Altis, anyone up for a APD parade, if we can organize one, we can give crumpets and coffee to the visitors!!! Maybe we can inspire some people to join in our ranks!


    Just like the old days!

  12. Hey guys, I'm going to be back on the server in 1 week.

  13. Well damn ! 7,000,000£ wow @Haywire
  14. Toma

    Police weakness

    I mean if anything, I would love something to be done so that police actually value their life more.
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