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  1. Hahahahaha that was awesome, not like when I got killed at Castle of an similar incident ^^ hahaha
  2. Can't wait to interact with this AI! Nice work Pooolie
  3. I wonder when the devs will add the weapon GM6 Lynx 12,7 to Lobos? 🙂

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    2. Wilco


      I see my reply was hidden... I would embrace it @Marty Atlasit was quality!

      Everyone here is either a wanker or a liar! which one is going to be people!

    3. Kayn


      my penis was surgically removed with adult diapers so

    4. Butch


      so was mine, censorship is back strong again 😞

  4. onder if I should do a redzone montage as well 🙄 lol

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    2. M


      @MrLongSlongnot a requirement for a marty montage, suppressive fire and assists are allowed 👍

    3. ufff
    4. Marty Atlas

      Marty Atlas

      Hahahahahahhaa warwick! THAT IS SOO MEEEE 😄

  5. @GreyWolfI offer 2 million and a hug for the ASP + 4 mags
  6. Wooohooo I have been on RPUK one year!!! ❤️

  7. Depends on if i should buy 100rnd or not But yeah, i will buy them because u guys will come with mark 1ns and shit
  8. Now I have my MXSW so now u guys are screwed ^^ lol
  9. twitch.tv/martyboyen

  10. !Join my stream! twitch.tv/martyboyen

  11. Twitch Link: http://www.twitch.tv/martyboyen Stream Schedule: I don't have a schedule yet, but almost everyday in the afternoon, evening! Games Streamed: GTA 5, Arma 3 and many more.... Link to a previous stream: Dont have one, I am quite new! Why do you want to join the team: I wanna join your team because I wanna show the people how it is in Poseidon and the medics, then in GTA I wanna show how it is to be a beginner and I do wanna promote RPUK in the BIG world outthere. What is unique about your stream: Nothing really, im just a swedish meatball? I dont know...
  12. Oh ok i was using a towing truck lol
  13. Hey guys. I need a little help. How do u tow a car? I cant find any keybindings for it. How to hook a car, unhook, Raising and lowering the towing hook. /Marty
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