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  1. onder if I should do a redzone montage as well 🙄 lol

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    2. M


      @MrLongSlongnot a requirement for a marty montage, suppressive fire and assists are allowed 👍

    3. Warwick
    4. Marty Atlas

      Marty Atlas

      Hahahahahahhaa warwick! THAT IS SOO MEEEE 😄

  2. @GreyWolfI offer 2 million and a hug for the ASP + 4 mags
  3. Wooohooo I have been on RPUK one year!!! ❤️

    1. Jolly



  4. You fuckface! U add that kill on me lol GJ!!
  5. if we get our gold perks back, everyone will have so much to do. Police will be able to shut down the drugs and patrol around to search for the drugs again and Poseidon will have more to do so will the rebels. I know I will get in trouble for this but facts are facts!
  6. Nice frags! But you can literally have a frag montage with only me on it! LOL thank you for NOT adding me tho
  7. Depends on if i should buy 100rnd or not But yeah, i will buy them because u guys will come with mark 1ns and shit
  8. Now I have my MXSW so now u guys are screwed ^^ lol
  9. Marty Atlas

    Auction House

    I think it's befits more the rebels not us as a faction.
  10. Marty Atlas

    Auction House

    That Poseidon Cartel can use the auction house buy and sell!
  11. twitch.tv/martyboyen

  12. !Join my stream! twitch.tv/martyboyen

  13. Twitch Link: http://www.twitch.tv/martyboyen Stream Schedule: I don't have a schedule yet, but almost everyday in the afternoon, evening! Games Streamed: GTA 5, Arma 3 and many more.... Link to a previous stream: Dont have one, I am quite new! Why do you want to join the team: I wanna join your team because I wanna show the people how it is in Poseidon and the medics, then in GTA I wanna show how it is to be a beginner and I do wanna promote RPUK in the BIG world outthere. What is unique about your stream: Nothing really, im just a swedish meatball? I dont know...
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