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  1. I rate this guy, he's a good guy ❤️ xo

  2. I got a garage close to Greenzone, do u want it for 5 mill ? xD
  3. @K E V I N big fan sign my tits please ❤️ ? 

  4. hahahaha i think needs to be recharged xD
  5. @Absence you might wanna talk with this guy AHAHAHAHAH xD
  6. @Eddylane mr inactivelane xD, you are missed bro ❤️ 

  7. ok Reiss its fine you know its cool, i wish i was rich as you ...
  8. oh my god kennedy just leave it man you dont want it, go sell kebab xD yeah man i wanna get it xD. 550k
  9. pack your bags!! LMAO

    1. zener


      shut up xox 


    2. RuTHLeSS INFO
    3. A A R O N

      A A R O N

      HAAHAHAHAH Zener mad sad or bad ???

  10. Ive already tried unistalling and reinstalling but that didnt do anything, but the weird thing is only happens on RPUK Ts. Yeah i can see i connect to TS but then instantly my TS crash once it opens up. leave me alone man xD its not windows xp its just the background - I FOUND THE SOLUTION: Basically just disable your taskforce and it will work LMAO xD
  11. Whenever i try to connect to RPUK ts my Teamspeak crashes straight away, Ive tried to connect other server it works but only RPUK TS wont work. Any idea why, it would be appreciated alot thanks. Here how it looks like: https://gyazo.com/6c9121f8a96bd546c31c1996c1fe016e
  12. 3-0 How  is that possible... well rip Argentina...  😞

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