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  1. It looks like you are not willing to understand. So I'm done as well. -Berry Hill
  2. Blackmailing? We said "If you show us the footage and we agree with you we are willing to comp you double the amount that you lost" which you were not willing to do. Just because your friend (Adam Jensen) did not inform you guys that you were being initiated on makes it his fault for not telling you guys. Mr-tickle and Jomartus found you guys and it was kind of obvious that you guys were going to scrap it. -Berry Hill
  3. First of all I love the accusation of meta gaming since you can clearly hear you encouraging your friend to "Keychain him". Second you can hear the initiation my friend did on you guys which was fine in my opinion and because of your friend hot micing most of the initiation you can hear that my friend told your buddy to tell you guys to put up your hands aswell. Which after plenty of time to comply you guys didn't so we used lethal force which my friend warned you guys with. -Berry Hill
  4. I would like to add/ point out a couple things in this conversation. @hemeranyx if you would have shown a longer footage with the reason why I killed you in the first place I think that it would have made it a different situation/ conversation. So since HemeraNyx failed to show the situation I would like to explain it. Before me and HemeraNyx got into the situation shown in the video my friends crashed there car (@Jomartus and Seniorbob) in which HemeraNyx wasn't involved. By the time HemeraNyx arrived a medic was at the scene and helping one of my friends. After he got picked he ran to
  5. Firstly I would like to say I am truly sorry for my actions. Over these few months it has become clear to me that this roleplay community will not tolerate any sort of rule breaking in any form, I have come to respect this aspect of the community because it facilitates high quality gameplay and roleplay, this quality of gameplay is what draws people to the server. To the individuals that I affected, If I could take it back I would do so. All I can do now is apologize and assure the staff team and everyone else that I have learned from my actions and that it will never happen again. With regard
  6. I tryed contacting some staff members on teamspeak about his name but they couldn't find it. There was only a note saying that it was a police officer who I offended.
  7. I haven't apologised to the persone yet, I would like to get in contact and apologise to him.
  8. I was under the impression that my comment was refering to his age and the pitch of his voice. As I stated earlier not knowing the correct meaning isnt an excuse. I still had no right to make any derogatory statement regardless of its meaning. King regards, Brent
  9. From now on in the game, I will make it my priority to ensure I am in a state of calmness; to allow me the ability to make the best decision I believe at the time. Furthermore, I will make an added effort to be as respectful as possible when entering situations with other members on RPUK. I am truly sorry that my English was misinterpreted and I honestly meant for the phrase to be interpreted in a manner of jest. Kind regards, Brent.
  10. English is my second language so I have asked a friend to type up my response to ensure my words are not misinterpreted. The incident happened some time ago so please forgive me if I don't remember it in full detail. I was asked to stop, but with my anger at the situation I wasn't in a state to be listening to anyone, for this I apologize, it was immature and not how one should conduct themselves in that situation,I was salty and said some things i didn't mean. With regards to the comment I made, I truthfully had no idea that it was being interpreted as a statement that refers to paedophiles.
  11. He didn't ask me to stop or atleast I didn't noticed he asked me to. If I noticed it that he found it annoying or offended I really would have stopped. The only time I noticed that I was asked to stop was by a admin which I then did. As I already said it didn't know I was calling him a pedofile. If I knew that I would have never called him that.
  12. The last time I got banned was for VDM because my friend (who was driving) desyced into a group of people. I've made a mistake that I regret and where I have learned from. I hope that you understand that it weren't my intention to harm/haras him.
  13. (1.1) Bullying is punished by a permanent ban without appeal. Bullying is when someone is making fun of someone in a aggressive behavior to hurt/harm the individual.
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