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  1. So. 1. If the surrounding situation is obviously hostile. (This was not. Friends having a chat, literally). Id understand that I wouldn't be able to call a gang member an insulting nickname and call them a "big beautiful women" ( Lizzo). RDM Refers to random death match, in this occasion a shotgun was pulled and I was shot randomly without warning . 2. The fact you have brought it a specific speperate instance that I haven't even mentioned ,as I only wanted to provide context with my current "Great" rp experiences I get from the ballers, further shows me your holdin
  2. Hey, unfortunately i do not. The capture is set to game audio only.
  3. Report a player Your In-game Name: Zed Ali Name of the player(s) you are reporting: Izzo Baller Which server did the incident take place on: GTA RP Date of the incident: 02/25/21 Time of the incident (GMT): 214 What best describes this incident ?: izzo baller rdming Please (in detail) describe the incident: Standing, Chatting at triad club house. Izzo pulls shotgun and shoots without warning after me saying "big lizzo". this has happened multiple times but i let it slide. after being in hospital for hours i can't keep putting up with it. also
  4. Anyone have experience with virgin media's gig1 Package?

    Using Power link adaptor (TP Link 1200)  following all guidelines and pc only getting 100mb, is this normal?




    1. Warwick


      Depends on what the electrics are like in your house i believe, im on 350 or whatever and get 85 to my pc through tp link powerlines. 

    2. iggy


      is that 85 checking ethernet data on task manager? i get 100mb to that and only 40 50 on speed tests. Had m200 before getting 120mb plus through powerlink to my pc on speed tests!.


      You think disconnecting and reseting the powerlink network would help?


      EDIT:nvm  just resetted everything. getting 200mb and 50mb upload now.

  5. until you can save outfits im staying as a fake traid
  6. I push for octagon avatars. Chant with me #octagonavatars
  7. It would be good to see your own maybe? Using steam logins so you can't see other peoples? Or maybe only see your gangs using steam to validate your in the same gang?
  8. yeah. i played against a whole party with the same name... takes the exclusivity of having a nice name away.
  9. i have bad news for you..... whos impersonating you anyway
  10. Well you can now be terrorised in rpuk and in your favourite cod game. http://imgur.com/gallery/PKZOD5
  11. I blame your shoddy work for the outages. Get back to it 😂😘

    1. Charles Vane

      Charles Vane

      Yep you wouldnt be wrong

  12. surely just removing a feature that will make the game enjoyable for everyone can't damage the realism that much? i mean theres civilians running uranium in million pound cutting edge aircrafts and everyone running around with military grade weaponary...... it will balance out sniping with hyper crazy long range scopes and 7.62 snipers..*cough* roleplay
  13. i understand that. but if im doing 190mph in a mercedes GTS and a bmw 3.0 diesel suddenly is infront of me. Only when els is active. you can see how annoying it gets @Gurlanin
  14. you've got stoneman on the ropes
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