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  1. Nah in all seriousness get the 1070 ti
  2. Guess I’ll be back later then 

  3. is it worth coming on?

    1. Kennedy


      you fucking fucking bloody benchord

    2. DBrookman


      everyone roaches so you'll fit in 

  4. The rig is up and running

  5. New PC comes tomorrow 😛

    1. Doctor Cuck

      Doctor Cuck

      What specs have you gone for? Considering a refresh on mine!

    2. Luke Barton

      Luke Barton


      32GB Ram

      Nvidia RTX 2080 Ti


    3. Doctor Cuck

      Doctor Cuck

      I hope you have done your research on benchmarks! At the time when I built my last pc the 2500k-i5 in my current rig was outperforming/on par with some of the newer i7’s of the time. It seems to be a lucky dip with the arma engine. Looks good though!

  6. New PC ordered 🙂

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Kenny
    3. ShadowDirector


      What you doing with your old one?


    4. Luke Barton

      Luke Barton

      Unsure yet but it is broken and shit anyway

  7. Hey

    1. CC Reminissions

      CC Reminissions

      OI oiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!! 😄 good to see you posting brother!!

    2. Shepherd Kingston
    3. Shepherd Kingston
  8. Okay so I have established that my graphics card fan is the problem, think I have coil whine rip 

  9. I think my pc is broke on Friday the 13th rip

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