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  1. All good things must come to an end

    1. SpartanHorde


      server is popping wym

  2. Good luck getting Wilco to log onto the server.
  3. Arma is a very old and dying game, RPUK been at this for 7 years and over those years management and the development team have lost more and more interest in the game and their server.
  4. I just got a new PC a couple days ago and I spent around £1.3k on it and I must say it is well built and runs perfectly. My dad's mate runs a pc company you might want to go look at. Fierce PC - We Are Gaming
  5. In my opinion it looks like its gonna be terrible way too futuristic robot dogs n the enemies controlling the weather like da faq is that. It reminds me of Advanced warfare... Sad Their trying too much to make their game appealing to 5 year old fornite players.
  6. Some people really need to grow up lmao

    1. C R I M Z O N

      C R I M Z O N

      too right ahaha

    2. Maxim


      This is mean

  7. It is lmao biggest and most active gang on Altis...
  8. Thank you for the heads up, The member in question has been ratted on and dealt with. Thank you for keeping Volatile clean & safe.
  9. If you give me the 7.62s for free I won't kick you out of Volatile. (It's a joke)
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