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  1. can 4th place get a tag so i can get one please
  2. @Ciaran i made a comp request cus i thought that would be better than doing it on here
  3. i didnt get my money for one of the zones i got 2 pay outs when i should have got 3
  4. i didn't mean to sly into you when i was chasing you i had only taken off about a minute before . i was planning on flying past you but my jet was going too fast to pull down in time. but straight after the incident i said sorry in chat as i didn't mean it i also got your friends revived but you decided to hold F, i even offered comp but you have not contacted me in anyway and i would have appreciated it if you had as we could have sorted this without a report. i am on ts if you want to talk about it.
  5. also cant beat a blast from the past
  6. cant beat a bit of ksi to be honest
  7. selling my barn south of kavala for 60 mill want to have it sold soon as i might be leaving the community the location of that barn is: 026098 takes 13 mins to do fries in a huron and about 20 in a hemtt
  8. @Cyanide yes please I should be on all day tomorrow messing me and I shall take them off your hands
  9. i would like to buy your spar 16 for 150k each please let me buy them from you xo
  10. thats a video from when i arrived there
  11. The WiFi is currently down In my area I'll have the video when it's up
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