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  1. Coco


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    2. Simon Ross
    3. Wilco


      @CocoNot worth crying about it was a self inflicted and quite frankly odd! Considering the chances given not much more we could sit by and do, I am all for giving people chances ... Eemil will tell you that but up until they play the village idiot 

      Do we just sit by and let him spam the chat with retard and other things after a trigger banned his friend for a remark ? Do normal people do this ? I think Eemil finally wanted to move on and he firmly closed the door on accessing any of our future servers on his way out

      Seeing he wasn't into Roleplay and acts like this time and time again nothing really lost!


    4. Wilco
  2. you know its bad when boabs doing this https://streamable.com/emo3i3
    1. Hammah


      cmonbruh, delete or i claim copyright

    2. Eddylane
    3. Jamie


      Was lagging 


  3. Boab

    wb emily ❤️ 

  4. Bro you never off the forums you just love this community

    1. ShaunLAD


      Wtf are you talking about, go make another frag montage fgt 

  5. You can't access the sign at Poseidon boats as Poseidon
  6. Now when you are downed and someone puts you in a vehicle. It wont let you speak in vehicle chat, only direct.
  7. When kids from other servers come here thinking they're gods and then they get smashed


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    2. Hammah


      have you not heard, if you connect to reborn you instantly become one of the top #50 cqc, then you come back to rpuk and think you're a god 

    3. Charles Vane

      Charles Vane

      Scaj #1 CQC god remember

    4. MrLongSlong
  8. Legend scaj cqc god best on the server @Jaxi

    you back bro?

    1. Boab


      theres a fucking benchie, guys a god

    2. Henry Atlas

      Henry Atlas

      Hey scaj tell the secret to earning £1k before breakfast 


    3. Charles Vane

      Charles Vane


  9. Why is there a decamp script on mraps again? We waited years for it to be removed and now you fucked it again?

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    2. Butch


      So we should give ppl who can't position properly in fights a handicap? No Thanks.

    3. Nuclear


      Kinda stupid they change shit 2 months later even though the ENTIRE community had a chance to vote and choose to remove it from the MRAP's, very bad decision honestly if this isnt a mistake i am disgusted.

    4. Wilco


      Nice attitude to have

  10. So you are saying that you shot me from the deer stand? You already admitted to a staff member that you shot me through the floor because I glitched out. So you are already lying. If you look closely you can also clearly tell that the guy that runs from the deer stand does not have a black sw. pathetic this is a video of you after you got killed in this fight. you didnt act very injured did you? didn't even realize but you broke nlr aswell damn You can say whatever you want mate. Just stop lying and trying to come up with bullshit excuses. You can't go around the fact that you exploited.
  11. Why would I need to upload a 3 minute video prior to that that video shows you exploiting simple as, you cant go around it. I'm not gonna give you a video with audio, there is no need for one anyways.
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