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  1. 🔨🐀👮‍♂️🇪🇸

    1. Hammah
    2. REEEEEEagan


      Josh u no im not good with riddles cmon

  2. Nice name dude 

    1. Stealthee


      Everytime an admin activates their permissions I want them to auto do this dance 😂😂 #suggestions?

  3. The day has come i now have to smash shit out of enter again, we done it boys  


    1. Kennedy


      Macro? lol

    2. MacDonald


      ive never been happier to start developing carpal tunnel syndrome

    3. Wilco


      carpal tunnel... fuck me that's a gamers worst nightmare

  4. Thank you @Charles Vane for the event it was fucking unreal 


    1. Malfang


      But it happend tho so sir not unreal. Correction it was real, very real.

  5. hello basically before i say this, in no way shape or form is this a dig just would like to know what peoples opinions are on the matter, do you think the server will still be around in 6 months?

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    2. Tadworth


      Main issue for me at the moment is I like playing with a lot of players, so the lack of players makes me not play as much as I would when theres 100+ players (I always log on when theres more than 100 people).

    3. Gordon


      If you're a nerd like me and like to see graphs and statistics, then here's a graph of the Max and Average players on the server since 02/06/19 up till 19/09/19


    4. imaK


      I hope not as I am currently trying to get unbanned, I had some great times on this server and it was/is filled with top notch dudes with top notch players. I think the main reason for the decline in players is because Altis Life can get pretty repetitive/boring after thousands of hours on the server, no matter if you are a rebel, civ, or any whitelisted faction. Seeing as the server is not run for profit (afaik) the introduction of new features / meta changes has not been keeping up with the rate that players are getting bored and quitting. And I'm sure some players like Tad will rather play on a server that is filled rather than one that has only 50% of its player slots filled.
      I also think the decline in players can be partially attributed to school starting in the UK in september (generally). I'm not one for stat collection but im sure if you looked at similar servers you may find similar trends @CC Gordon

  6. Can we just add the fucking moon back please am begging 

    1. DjHolyChirst


      We are due to update but facing infrastructure issues rn

    2. DjHolyChirst


      Which delayed final testing.

  7. @Jaffa Wagwan Jaffacake! whens the moon back lad?

    1. Jaffa


      Next update™

    2. ReiSSs


      Whens the update?


    3. Jaffa


      Now cursed since you asked 💀
      It's whenever a Dev Lead decides to release one

  8. I will be posting a reply because i was involved in the situation alongside Josh Black Fan Imagine putting cops inside a car after you witnessed them get shot by rebels [us] ... you made your decision to involve yourself in the situation and then you play dumb when you get shot. you know you have to upload a video 3 mins prior to the situation and yet you have failed to provide the video.... i wonder why.........
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