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  1. You ever used a musket?
  2. It's not even just this. The scripts that are on the server right now are designed for use on a single server. Things like the car shops, regular shops etc just wouldn't work across multiple shops. I believe the example was bought up before of going to buy a car, going to get the money out, and by the time you come back someone else on the other server has already bought the car. Also things like the gangs, how can a ~35 man gang split up it's leadership between two servers, and stay consistent between them. Say the members on server 1 wanted to attack another gang, what would the gang on
  3. I take it this man was not in fact an RPUK dev

    1. Simon Ross

      Simon Ross

      He was best dev - removed him because too strong

  4. Modification Issues: Tints make the windows literal black boxes, impossible to see through them in first person.
  5. If you add a full stop when typing the frequency into the radio, the UI in the top left shows a very long number. Upon turning your radio on, you are put to the frequency of the numbers before the full stop, however you are then unable to change your frequency off of this.
  6. Theyre poseidon things, it's how poseidon set up the high grade drugs
  7. Best bet would be to open a ticket on discord, provide your character name/reg plate and they should be able to give you a hint as to where you can locate it.
  8. I don't get this as someone without whitelisting to one of the prio groups
  9. Congrats sir

    1. Joshua


      Thanks mate x

  10. If your car is stolen and parked in a garage by someone, you'll have to find that garage to get it back. If the car is left out, you'll find it in the impound after a restart.
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