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  1. Here i am once again Officers of Malden, going once again against the same Police Officer as last time. This is not personal from my end, i am simply putting up another PCC because how bad this Police Officer acts against my person and most likely to others. The Police Officer that i am speaking of is called PC Rawlins badge number [7526] this situation occurred the 23/07/2021 at around 23:30 PM. My fellow friend Tony Isaro was taking me on a ride to show me a mansion that he found about. Out of nowhere a Police Vehicle started following us and proceeded to try and stop us for what it seemed the reason Tony's bad driving skills. After an unfortunate traffic accident in which we were all injured and after we were treated by the NHS we were both arrested. Until that point i have no problem at all with the Police Officers wanting to speak with us about it and possibly act upon it as well, Tony was given a ticket for speeding my main problem is that i was not even driving and this Police Officer wanted to ticket me as well for "Joint Enterprise". I declined the ticked of 3000 pounds that he wanted to give to me and after i refused to pay he then he proceeded to put me in a Police Vehicle to take me to jail. We spoke to two high ranking Police Officers and they stood on our side on this situation. I just find hard to understand how poor and how badly educated this Police Officer is with all the training that a Officer of Malden has to achieve. All i want from this PCC is that this Officer gets whatever punishiment Police Command feels suitable, to prevent me or any other person of this beautiful island experience overzealous Policing like this. Iam uploading three videos of the incident since for some reason i could'nt fit all of them together. Since iam here, i would also like to specially thank Police Officer MK for the great Police Checkpoint work that i've seen him doing earlier this day and also SI James for all the great work he is doing to the SPG Unit within the Police of Malden. I wish all the best to you Officers of Malden, keep doing what the most of you know what to do best, serve and protect the citizens!! Best regards Mayor Pupss
  2. Good afternoon fellow Officers of Malden, i come foward today to speak about this outrageous encounter that i had with a Police Officer named PC Rawlings [7526]. This took part the 22/07/2021 03:40 am. This whole situation started because i was in a hurry going to my Office in 10 La Trinite Street with very important documentation from the government that had to be dealt with with highly importance. For the looks of it i was speeding quite a bit and i dont deny that but this Police Officer simply assumed that i was running away from him even when i had no idea i was being followed by the police. Also messaged the Police of Malden because i was looking for SPG. Iam not saying he is on the wrong for giving me the ticked and taking my driving license but yes on the way he aproached the situation and also the way he treated me through all the situation. I also know that i've been in the wrong because i also shouted with the officers and i condeem this behaviour from myself but i just simply didn't enjoy being aproched, lied and tazed the way i did. Iam uploading the hole situation and also a photograph of a message he sent me to my phone. Hope you Officers of Malden have a nice day, keep doing your job as i know a lot of you know how to do it properly and please make sure you have the bad ones on a leach because if not, this is a way of destroying the future of the people of this beautiful island. I would like this man to give me a compensation of 6000 pound for the moral damage that he provided to me and also that he gets better educated to provide a good and professional activity that is required from all the Officers of Malden. Best regards Mayor Pupss
  3. Pupss

    House rent

    It did yeah, since the moment i bought it, it is like that I bought it about two days ago, the time it self i dont quite remember but believe it was around 1 to 2 am of the 20 th
  4. Pupss

    House rent

    I guess so.... I guess i found an issue, the house does not provide any information as the garage it does, ill put a video showing what i mean here
  5. Pupss

    House rent

    Ahh alright, though the house system would be the same as Altis server Ty ^^
  6. Pupss

    House rent

    Bought a house yesterday in Malden and it seems that i cant buy rent to it, even tried relogging and still nothing Videos Scrolling through the options
  7. In about an hour ill be on, in case its not possible for you, ill be around tomorrow afternoon
  8. Hey there Mr Josh, i would like to speak with you about business, i would like to discuss this with you in person so whenever you arrive to the island you contact me!! Best Regards The best Mayor of all time Pupss
  9. I should't have spend all the Mayor funds with prostitutes
  10. Alright boys, closing this up with @Joseph Tritonwinning the BID!! Sold for 2.3 m
  11. Alright citizens, will be given it one more day. The 20th will close the auction!!
  12. One prowler was sold for 500 k, got still another one, current BID on 400 k
  13. Price is set to 350 k! Bid increments of 50 k min
  14. Hey there citizens, selling 30 Spikes strips! BID STARTS at 800 k, 100 k min increment
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