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  1. dunno what the video even is but loving the comments
  2. You’re joking right, like surely you can’t be serious? What is it you’d like an explanation of?
  3. this is why i don't play FiveM
  4. The trailer was good but that "dudu dun da dun" before the title at the end was the most epic moment let's be real.
  5. back in the old days
  6. Pretty sure that's just @Maverick Delta and @Snuffles
  7. 1.25 for mk200 @Kieron Orionyou have enough bullets
  8. something about hunters
  9. Again, what you want to do on the server is not my problem, if you wanted to rob my house again afterwards, then that not my problem, you tried to rob my house, failed (because I killed the guy who was robbing my house), and then I logged off, that situation was done. Nowhere in your videos does it show that you attempt to rob my house again, meaning the situation was done and even if it wasnt you don't have any evidence proving it. You're actually wrong, the RP ends when we start a gunfight, as quoted by multiple admins and management members in the past, so to say the RP doesn't end when I die is incorrect because the RP ended about 5 minutes prior to me dying, again I was not involved in any sort of RP when I logged off, nor was I in a gunfight, nor were you actively breaking into my house... the situation was done. Of course you don't believe me, but again I simply assumed the situation was over and logged out, I wouldn't want a ban over a bunch of mags and some suppressors. Its funny you should mention this, if you'd like to ask the admins how many times we've had to contact them about poseidon members either logging off, leaving their doors open, or by other means stopping us from breaking into their houses I think you'll find it very surprising how guilty some of your faction members are, however we have never reported somebody for it. But the one time you guys fail to break into my house there's a report up, it's so petty. I had nothing to do with your compound afterwards, I was busy. I'd happily come to a liason, I'm quite reasonable, but not when I get sarky messages from people just accusing me of stuff. This is just wrong, If I am not in a situation with you, then I am not roleplaying with you, how could we be RP'ing with each other when I'm at rebel stronghold and you're at rebel FOB? As Well as the fact that all I got when I went up to ralph was an initiation, no chance to RP even if I did want to. Yieks you're like a snake, twisting words and digging up stuff. It was hypothetical, because I know that in the past we may have done things wrong, Neither me nor boab did anything wrong in this situation so stop twisting words and making assumptions. On the contrary, we were not given opportunities to do anything, like I said, if you had invited me to liason I would have come, but Ralph decided to send a string of salty messages to which he received equally salty replies instead of asking for a chat. I was referring to your faction in terms of reports, not you directly. This last sentence seems funny, so because it's us you're making the report? I haven't broken any rules in a while, haven't been reported in a while either, you guys are jsut salty you didn't get into my house, not that you'd be pleased with the contents. Whole report is a joke, the server is dead and you're trying to get active players banned because you didn't manage to get some mags from my house, you and the rest of your little group need to seriously rethink your priorities.
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