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  1. jesus christ just stay off posts that you don't have anything relevant to say on.
  2. does look like it tbh
  3. 223's trying to do a peaceful HM but the cops start the gunfight, who'd have thought.

    1. mell02


      yeah just get good mate!

  4. No, I didn't clip it because for me I'm just peeking over the rock, I'm happy to go on the training server or something to demonstrate my POV, you can come too so you see it's the same. Just wanna reiterate you literally cannot shoot through rocks in this game, maybe if you're vaulting or something but just crouching there, it is literally not possible, I'll see if I can get a video off the training server for you.
  5. Not shooting through the rocks, your graphics are just not on a high enough setting. Those rocks are notorious for headglitching, you get the same thing with DMT, it's an LOD issue with arma.
  6. This, to me seems pointless, there's a reason not many people have bought viper and that's because it just doesn't give them anything useful. While I agree that cash isnt the only reward that could or should be give nto the winners of a gang war, wtf do we do with a boat? I'd prefer to have access to higher tier weapons like mk200's and ASP's, some people may think oh no that's far too OP, imagine 223's all with mk200's, but then we can sell to other rebels, even poseidon, an idea like that, to me is great, it brings a good reward for winning border wars, and even brings RP in the form of sell
  7. so simple... so elegant... so beautiful... surely comment of the decade?
  9. Love you kez but think you’ve missed the point, which is why don’t rebels get this sort of stuff.
  10. I wasn't arguing that Poseidon is easy etc, just comparing it because, in general, it's a better life than rebel.
  11. In the devs defence, the clown horn is an april fools thing that they do every year, but yes, the updates have been quite slow taking into account the amount of talented devs we have in the arma team, with no reveals or teasers as to what is to come, which instantly in people's minds points to nothing coming... Now this is very likely not the case, however to have a semi large update and then not do anything until people start asking for stuff desperately again seems to be what's happening... The rebel stash is a good idea on paper, but it just sucks in reality. You get hardly any money f
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