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  1. Hi, thinking of comming back soon. Can you maybe help me out whit starting again? 😉

  2. Goo'day, morning, evening or night as you will be reading this Submission today. My name is James Jakoby, currently, 33 years young, father to son and daughter; and the name might sound familiar, if not, that's okay. Please take a moment f your time as I would appreciate it a lot! I have come here today to talk about my Mayor Election Participation. I want to provide a wealthy and working stabilization for our beautiful Island, saying so, it would be an honor if you would be happy to cast your vote for me. Let us talk about what we might need; Every Hobo, Peasant, Civilian, Medic, Police Officer, and our protective Gods to live in a well-organized Government for our beloved Altis. I would like to upgrade the Payment for our Civilians, which will be the upgrade for everyday payment, going from £3.000 to £5.000. This due to the majority of Homeless Civilians of Altis who wander around in Kavala who sing, dance, does wizardry, ... what would be anything related to getting a little bit of cash to ensure they survive in their lives. They will be able to purchase more things that will make it a personal belonging from then. Apart from that, I also would like to provide a Shipping & Docking Area for every Truck that needs to use our Markets to provide a good economy for our Island within Food, Liquids, and Items. Although you will need to have a Pass to be able to stock or fill out your goods. As we are talking about Parking spots; I would like to ask of the Government to also provide a safe parking spot within walls to park the NHS vehicles, as the PD does have. This mainly to ensure the Vehicles will not be damaged when Kavala burns down as we will need these vehicles to perform the trip for our Dispatches etc. Otherwise, the Government will have to pay those bills since our beloved National Health Service is provided for free services. This will also save a small amount of money to use for other terms within our Island, as an example the payment for our Civilians. That being said, I would like to provide a driving school where volunteers will be able to work who have a degree in driving properly, to prevent crashed a little more. This will be a future plan to ensure Advanced Driving as an enhancement towards our Taxi Companies. If I were to be chosen for this year's Mayor, I will provide a float that will bring everyone together with their Family and friends, colleagues, related folks, ... An area would be chosen to perform a fleet for our Rebel Vehicles (iFrit, Offroad, MB 4WD with the firepower - what not will be tolerated to fire the guns, will be a punishment in arrest on the spot) to look at the Artwork and material these vehicles and aircraft are made of. To let people see how they are manufactured and further information about these vehicles in particular. !Stealing one of these Vehicles might lead to a severe punishment. Then a trip will be provided for an escort of our PD in front and end of the Float to keep it safe and secure within the lines. Also, I would like to ensure to protect the area's where needed, as at the Altis Metal Exports, Diamond Factory, ... For harvesters, we would like them to be safe with an overlook across their shoulders. I will be sure that when needed our PD will give a hand into protecting these areas as they are doing a good job there. Although I would like to cast my words into the open where it comes towards the relationship between PD and the Poseidon Cartel. Every officer is not to be entered within their lands. They rule the areas as they have taken it over. That is a fact we all know about. Officers seen within these lands will not be available to ensure my service within protection as I do not have superior overwatch of the Cartel. I would have to ensure safety within reasoning for their lives that are on the line. I do hope I have accomplished your vote with my words that I wrote down within these Mayor Elections, to provide a well established and protective island for everyone. My name is James Jakoby, participant of the Altis mayor Elections and CEO of Jako Enterprises; weapons and Safety Company.
  3. Hehe, all fine by me, will be in Kavala
  4. @mattigabbi Then I shall be available at 4PM if that suits you. I think his IGN is 'ScaR', saw it yesterday on NHS Patrol.
  5. When will I be able to collect this within certain hours that you could deliver the trade @mattigabbi?
  6. Farid Fatih Eshmaroun; Will be online within 2-3 hours
  7. Spar 16 Buy-out 250k!
  8. Do i need to comeback?

    1. Barb Dwyer

      Barb Dwyer

      Of course, you do brother! I do miss you mate, give me your feet and I'll drag you inside of this world once more 😉 

    2. Artyomm


      Tomorrow in the evening? If you can i will be there

  9. Hahahahah, unfortunate I wasn't there! At the end he was just getting started, was he?
  10. Hello every one, I am Barb Dwyer, Surgeon in the NHS and when I got on duty I'd mostly start my duties at the East Side Hospital Tent at the UNMC border, mostly because I liked the idea of setting up a 'camp' there as we could say. I've had some pretty good RP Scenario's at the border regarding UNMC Soldiers, higher ups and Civilians. Unfortunatly on my part, I do not have footage of some of these scenario's what I think I should have. But next to my career in the NHS - what I love the most - is being a Civilian. Also when i was on these Role assignments I enjoyed it at the Borders. I always told I had to visit my mother who made me dinner to cross the border safely, to sneak up to the Black Market, hehe. I've encountered alot of very friendly and dedicated Soldiers among the UNMC, when I helped some soldiers out with robbers a while ago. Not to mention they did have the sitrep under controle ofcourse. One of my last favourite Roleplay Scenario's I had was with a Private that goes by the name of Washirngton (if I spelled it correctly) and another Recruit who had a pretty long name (starting with the letter Ma). They were at the time controlling and protecting the border against incoming targets, civilians, border hoppers, name it all. When I play as Civilian I go by the name of 'Jakoby' (may seen me, encountered me, saw me in OCC xd) but I was passing the Border check and had this Jungle Camo Offroad I was driving, to deliver peaches to them for their dehydration. At that time I did not know peaches where like the Devil's fruit, they called it. I got restrained as I saw my Offroad getting friends with bullet holes. I then asked them for me getting free, to deliver a HEMMT Box full of Apples. They agreed on it and after half an hour I returned with the truck completely full with 800 apples and 40 apples in my backpack. And they were surprised, as I thought they would. At that moment the Soldiers called me 'the appleguy'. The apples I delivered were given to the people passing the border. A good deed was completed. That was one of the funniest encounters I had with the UNMC recently. UNMC, thank you all for serving. I had a good relationship with the MC.
  11. You do understand that most people are not Dutch here right? I do know we have a high population from the Netherlands and from Belgium (like me), but half the community won't understand it xd
  12. I miss you ;(

    1. Artyomm


      Goodluck, and stay cool!

  13. That would be hilarious, I'll tell you haha do it
  14. Whahaha, if this would happen in-game I'dd Roflmaoo Someone shoot him
  15. I've been watching this topic from sunday all day. It's amazing how they come up with stuff like that hahaha, Thanks for sharing that Wilco xd
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