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  1. I noticed that if you click it so it expands you can then reposition it fine even if you make it small again https://gyazo.com/08a8d35d4f08694a61469c0486a0d1de
  2. Never posted any photos of memories so heres some: Throwback to when the moon didn't exist and it was impossible to see AR Prepping for an SPG Convoy Event we later got told to leave because nobody had contested it. 5 Minutes later we got called back in cause they all died When @Antgot arrested by Mi5 / Spectre and it caused a shit ton of drama incl. AR trying to arrest ACC Shepheard and @Antollymegoing to tase hiim but accidentally killing him @Deltadrew a very detailed Pepe The SOS / TBB / TP vs UNMC border raid preparations Finish it off with the 1 time I got called out by my Number Plate
  3. As people are sharing some Statistics I'll share some Police ones Recruitment Team Statistics Applications Processed: 9434 Accepted 5080 Denied 4354 Pass Rate: 54% Reinvited Processed: 2327 Academy Statistics Tests Completed: 15462 Interview: Passed: 4765 Failed: 2185 Pass Rate: 56.8% FTC Passed: 3234 Failed: 928 Pass Rate: 78% FTT Passed: 2516 Failed: 806 Pass Rate: 75.5% FA Passed: 748 Failed: 175 Pass Rate: 82.4% Refresher Passed: 83 Failed: 12 Pass Rate: 86.3% Unique RPUKID's logged in Police Database: 8199 Blacklists: 9431 Appeals: 4009 Successful: 2231 General Police Statistcs Following data recorded by the Police Bot from 10/08/2017 to 31/08/2021 All Time high of Officers active at one time: 265 on 27/02/2018 All Time low of Officers active at one time: 118 on 01/01/2021 Day most people left / removed: Monday with a -86 officer change Day most people joined: Thursday with a 117 officer change Sincerely Self Promoted Head Recruitment Team Deputy of Armed Response Forever Super Intendant Dexter
  4. I never thought I'd still be here 4 weeks later let alone 4 years. That first night I played Altis life I played 3/4 different servers before landing here. Its been an amazing journey and there has been so many memories made here. From my invite to SOS and having to run the show for the inactive @ShadowDirector to the 3.5 years of progress in Police. Going from SOS to DAR shows the progress that can be made . Been a crazy time and I hope FiveM will continue these memories for many more years to come.
  5. I have been using this for years now, so usefull and saved my account a few times. When I first got it couldn't use phone due to multiple steam accounts now I just use it for ease of use. https://github.com/Jessecar96/SteamDesktopAuthenticator| I take no responsibility for issues use at own discretion
  6. Truee dude, Spartan said he would give me 20 Mill if I revived and arrested Thomson. Hand it over scammer
  7. I liked the zones, they were zones that you had to slam (apart from the fact that it didn't take long for most of the buildings to become rubble ), made it much more fast paced and when the server wasn't desyncing like crazy it was pretty fun. The amount of Ifrits out by Rebels and Poseidon made it very hard for the Police that were non AR, They struggled like crazy which led to most of them loggin off by 10. Especially with how laggy it was people could decamp kill and jump back in without being seen. This time round Night wasn't skipped and to make it worse the time was bugged so every 15-20 minutes in game time the time would jump back 10 in game minutes which made night time last forever and massive FPS drops when the time jumped back. Can we have night time skipped for the event, I get better FPS in day time and its a much more enjoyable experience. I do agree with people saying 4 hours is to long. By 11 I have usually had enough, 2 Hours will probably be fine and if its pretty close then extend it an hour? It also seems to be around 10 that the server gives up, so could be have a quick half time restart if it goes on longer? Overall, it was better. My FPS was better this time round it's just network desync making it unplayable.
  8. Hi, So I was not present for the initial situations and therefore am only going off the aftermath and liaison conversation. I was present for the Liaison to ensure people were having fair chance to explain. However, the attitude you had going into the Liaison was very poor with one of your members even stating something along the lines of "This is why you are a level 1" which was very disrespectful. The beginning of the Liaison was yourself and friend shouting and not allowing any explanations from KeirT just demanding comp of 300k. If you are going to make accusations please provide some evidence. From what I can remember KeirT never said you shot first but had said that you had clearly stated that you had "Friends and Allies in the area and to let you go" which can be heard in the video provided clearly which is what put KeirT on edge in the first place. KeirT also said which is where the confusion may have come from that the reason he shot the second guy was because he decided to point his gun towards KeirT and with Grizzly shooting from behind, from KeirT POV it appeared that he had began to shoot.
  9. Sorry to tell you but you definetely got scammed if you think its worth 30 mill. Its worth 1-5 mill if someone wants it
  10. Where did the Mar-10 come from? Does it have a serial number on it?
  11. Damm Farming Simulators changed
  12. Press M to open the map. Player list can be selected from there
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