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  1. Actual footage of Hayden peeking
  2. Truee dude, Spartan said he would give me 20 Mill if I revived and arrested Thomson. Hand it over scammer
  3. I liked the zones, they were zones that you had to slam (apart from the fact that it didn't take long for most of the buildings to become rubble ), made it much more fast paced and when the server wasn't desyncing like crazy it was pretty fun. The amount of Ifrits out by Rebels and Poseidon made it very hard for the Police that were non AR, They struggled like crazy which led to most of them loggin off by 10. Especially with how laggy it was people could decamp kill and jump back in without being seen. This time round Night wasn't skipped and to make it worse the time was bugged so every
  4. Happened twice yestarday when I was on. Haven't seen it before or since.
  5. Hi, So I was not present for the initial situations and therefore am only going off the aftermath and liaison conversation. I was present for the Liaison to ensure people were having fair chance to explain. However, the attitude you had going into the Liaison was very poor with one of your members even stating something along the lines of "This is why you are a level 1" which was very disrespectful. The beginning of the Liaison was yourself and friend shouting and not allowing any explanations from KeirT just demanding comp of 300k. If you are going to make accusations please prov
  6. I'm using this when a PCSO says a Mk20 is shit
  7. Dexter

    Car Dealerships

    High end cars should definetely be capped. Otherwise in a year or so everyone is gonna own a top end car rather then there being the odd one about. Values will then increase of these high end cars due to them being rare and and add a lot more to the second hand car market and possibility for auctions in the future to try get your hands on the rare high end vehicles.
  8. Sorry to tell you but you definetely got scammed if you think its worth 30 mill. Its worth 1-5 mill if someone wants it
  9. Where did the Mar-10 come from? Does it have a serial number on it?
  10. Damm Farming Simulators changed
  11. Dexter

    False License Plates

    I stuck this idea in my large Suggestion. Pretty much same idea. Fake Plates: Simple, Replaces Vehicle plate with a Fake plate, Can be used tactically to replicate another car or to stop your plate getting read. Easier to avoid pickup from ANPR, Cops ETC.. ANPR / Garage may need Adjusting. If caught, Vehicle Impounded for a Week large fine etc. Will stay on until removed by the player which will set back to Original Plate.These should again be rare, Which is the reason why high punishment if caught. Example: https://streamable.com/xa2gen
  12. I put this idea into my large Suggestion. This was my initial idea. For Testing I did set it up in Benny's, so you could go in purchase it for 20k or something and would have a map marker. Vehicle Tracker: Installed at any Player owned shop? Seller Will need a ‘Tuning Laptop’ and ‘Vehicle Tracker’ to install.Example: https://gyazo.com/8bc0ef6603238c3c37a2af29a6d863d6
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