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  1. Yeah there was like 3 or 4 engine upgrades but one of them didn't open the bonnet for the upgrade
  2. It does under the bonnet you have to open it manually if I remember when I upgraded mine
  3. Seems all the new local tuner cars have small fuel tanks. Tried the warrener HKR and the tailgater S and both seem to have around 60L tanks, unsure on the rest as I don't have one but presume it's for all the new update cars
  4. No of course and I understand that, but you have to have some sort of balance between risk and reward with legal and illegal runs, i just know we had a point on arma where legal runs were worth more than illegal, ended up with nothing for the police to do and everyone ended up grinding the same run. Obviously it's a different game but just worth learning from previous experiences. (My opinion not staff team..... *Sigh*)
  5. was until jeep got banned with all the money haha
  6. (My opinion and not of the staff team)

    1. 3FingerGaming


      Yep..... i hate writing it but you know someone will be like well staff said this......

    2. FatherAugustus


      Yeah its a smart thing to put tbh, i always expect to see it now 😄

  7. I agree more legal Jobs would definitely be good, Im going to play devils advocate here though, I don't think legal Jobs should pay anymore, your then have the issue you had before where everyone and their nan is doing fishing or trucking, why because it pays more or similar to illegal work with zero risk. Hell I would love a new car irl but I know I could probably afford one in 5 years of working. Now obviously I'm not expecting it to take months to be able to do legal work to get a car but it should be a day or so of grinding I would say. Otherwise everyone will just be doing the same legal job all over again, there needs to be a balance of legal Vs illegal. (My opinion and not of the staff team)
  8. Yeah the Kanjo only has a fuel tank of 58l which means you spend refueling it every 5 minutes.... is it possible to get it to a respectable size?
  9. it's been a fun 4+ years for me, made friends for life on Arma so hopefully we all keep in contact one way or the other! spent 125 days worth of hours on RPUK which is kind of disgusting to think about but wouldn't change it for the world. Also special mention to @Jolly for worst PDF score and @Kieron Orionfor the amount of bloody times you took that entry test! big shout out to @Ryker & @Ace J Hunter for bringing me along from gmod!
  10. congrats matey welcome to the team

    1. 3FingerGaming


      Thanks buddy, now i get to post as much bad music as you 😛

    2. GREENY


      Haha 😂

  11. Banned for ripping people out of millions for a church
  12. Would that be an exploit though? Surely the same as getting around the drug selling animation? You wouldn't be able to do both anyway, so surely the officer needs to pick if he's going to do one or the other?
  13. If it's not about the money for you what changes then? Trucking is still a thing, it's just less money and surely you will speak to people more as fuel station owners will start to build connections with people? Surely people can see trucking has been broken for a long time, it was stupid that you would make more money doing two paleto runs than you would in the time it took you to sell drugs in that same time period, same as it was with fishing, your more than welcome to go down the legal only route but don't expect to make as much as illegal work?
  14. That new intro 🔥




  15. RIP to the 5 people shot today in Plymouth, my condolences to all those affected.

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