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  1. Isn't that the whole point of them though? So when it's neutral both have similar time and then who ever has lost land has a better spawn so gives them a better chance to push the opposite side back? So it's not just one side winning every week?
  2. You know how hard it is to get 15+ cops on these days.....
  3. I'm pretty sure you can do this on your in game settings already so it's just on your side?
  4. Doesn't really change much tbh, I find it stops alot of the random glitches more
  5. I'm guessing will be like before police meeting when HM's can't be robbed, just hope the contential has been taken off limits as well!
  6. ahhh you know i always have a laugh with you guys! Even if i end up dying every 10 mins i'm sure it will be a laugh, until i'm skint
  7. Damn! I mean it's not hard to kill a cripple getting killed by one is worse Might have to just learn to edit videos
  8. I mean if your turning up I think we're safe
  9. 3FingerGaming

    Border Wars

    Tbh if something doesn't change soon we've got a lot more than that to lose! There be no server to patrol! Hopefully it's something that can be tweaked with both commands once it's in and then working
  10. Damn how did I forget good old battlebots
  11. We had it when UNMC was removed though, I was in the police at the time and all that would happen is rebel groups of 2/3 people would just get bullied by the police, they would spawn in airport and have 3 patrol cars on them to get there guns, at that point rebels stopped coming on as they were loosing everything as no one was on to counter the police in numbers and you would spend an hour driving around to find something illegal to stop, in the end the poor hobo with a rook doing a petrol station robbery would have the whole police force turn up, Without an active rebel life, the
  12. So you want to remove predictability but also remove dyanmic locations and let the police know where they are? NCA were crying out for things to do because no one did drugs and now they have to search for them its too much work? Surely it would make sense to keep drug locations dynamic but just make drugs more viable? if it's worth while people will do them, in terms of stopping and searching that was the whole point of UC assests to be able to confirm that illegal actvities are going on and then call in units to come pull them over? then there is a reason to stop and search? Costing
  13. I think it's more to do with places like research where you can park a car at the bottom of the dmt and block the tower off, and only have to run down every 15 mins (or however long the timer is) to unlock and lock the vehicle, if it was every 3 or 6 mins for example you would have to take up a less favourable position to hold or risk having it disappear and get pushed up
  14. Merry Christmas All! Thanks for keeping me sane in some parts this year even if I do just sit and moan about doing tests 75% of the time
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