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  1. Pretty sure it won't happen and assets won't be used in Altis as everyone has to have the DLC bought to log on as it's a creator DLC and not the usual Arma one, it's why we don't use the global mobilization assets
  2. Tried to take the vehicle out to do some RP and go and repair some vehicles around but tried it twice it takes the money but no vehicle comes out, believe it's no longer available as just says NULL.
  3. If that's all it took we would of made one of these months ago....
  4. You know you can actually use a normal gun
  5. Come Join the adventures of Arthur Woodward as he starts his adventure in Los Santos 


  6. if you wanna watch me get slapped by the police and most the rebel gangs on Border Wars, Come follow along!  Will go live after 8pm restart


    1. 3FingerGaming


      Thanks for tuning in guys! Was fun to be back streaming and will have to get back into it! 

  7. Make sure to check out Wavy been a great streamer for a few years and has managed to stumble into RPUK! Go show him some love! ❤️


  8. Already reported is apparently because it was the old NCA model?
  9. Yeah then you guys can store them in houses and gang bases and then it actually becomes useful in trying to find that information and hit those buildings, I don't understand the limit on Amory's so much these days, if there's going to be a gunfight it doesn't matter if you have a MK20 or a Cyrus something is going to happen.
  10. New TS Badge code




    Have only 48 hours to claim it.

    1. 3FingerGaming


      New badge is already out now apparently, will look like this


    2. Slawek


      Funnily enough after registering that badge i noticed i just got TS 5 access XDDD

  11. Just bought one today, Seems to have front lights around the normal lights that always seem to be on highbeam, so there always on unless you turn the engine off. The dashboard seems to shine off a really bright light blue lights that make driving in first person quite distracting and even 3rd person you can see it coming through the back windscreen Also seems to have a cop radio inside it? Can hear basic GTA radio going on in the car
  12. Nice one, other than the few kills on me
  13. Bout time you guys did something useful.. other than target practice
  14. Great news! Yeah if you want to store the ammo you need to buy the resupply upgrade
  15. Just need to drag it across to the storage instead of pressing store if I can remember right, if not get a screenshot or screen grab of what your trying to do if possible
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