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  1. Do come over and try FiveM if you havent already, it is a very different but also really fun experience.
  2. I have to say I think the community meetings are a bad idea. If people want to put forward ideas and suggestions there is the suggestions on the forums. Doing it in a setting with many people leads to large groups of friends pushing for what they want on the server rather then what will benefit the server as a whole,. In the past this has worked in the short term as these groups become more active or happier but generally more negatively effects other players on the server who are not really heard during the meetings. If staff or devs need to give feedback to gangs, factions or players this can be done fine by having meetings with gang and faction leaders or by posting on the forums or discord.
  3. The issue with this is that most officers generally don't want to have to do this but need to stand around trying to coordinate between multiple units to find out how the situation occurred and to gather all the evidence to write a proper report or else they risk being sued and subsequently removed from police.
  4. Uh I think your missing most of the RPUK gangs on here, couldn't find TCK anywhere.
  5. I like it, could maybe streamline it a bit and cut down on text by replacing the 'YT' and 'Twitch' with the platform logos.
  6. Honestly I think with the player-base still being large for FiveM, now is the wrong time to look at working on a second section of the community. Until numbers begin to decrease more for FiveM it would likely harm the community splitting the player-base and resources more then it would benefit it by attracting or retaining members.
  7. Yeah i see you started carrying a knife to deal with that.
  8. Please ignore this, you need to hold for longer then most vehicles before the horn will work.
  9. The horn on the ranger trucks doesn't function.
  10. Can see them doing a future 007 but maybe if they want to do a 'James Bond' they will make more of them before 'No Time to Die.' Really good film and very sad to see him go after so many years.
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