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  1. Need the man with the best voice on the island? Hit me up and we can strike a deal
  2. Exactly my point. You cant go there or involve yourself in it even in the slightest manner, thus should care about it and pay attention to the situation to make sure you dont involve yourself in it again. And if it happens anyway by accident, refrain from taking part in the gunfight and try to leave. For reference, action has been taken against people who did not even fire a round but simply moved to the general area to "be ready" to re-join the situation once the timer expired.
  3. It seems to me like you're changing your story, you were aware that the fight moved but think its "not your problem" and dont care about respecting the NLR rule. @The Real Spoon did you manage to check if you still have your video?
  4. Regardless of the distance towards the initial battleground, it was an ongoing situation. I'd expect each and every faction member to be very wary of re-engaging a combat situation with the faction they just died against. Once you realized it was an ongoing situation against the Cartel (when Kraken and Polo got killed first by Nuclear) you could have respected the NLR rule and left the area.
  5. I didn't encounter the 2 gentlemen myself so I don't see why it cant be zoomed in on the chatbox (the evidence) but as per request I'm rendering/uploading as we speak. Will post in approx. 1 hour
  6. Do you mean a uninterrupted version of the 2 videos provided so far?
  7. Don't go play the victim card now... For the record, I do not recall meeting you in any situation prior to this one. And I believe that is all i need to say, unless staff requests another response I'll keep silent.
  8. I know i've spoken about respect beforehand, but I must say you are a dishonest piece of shit for even suggesting I'd lie about your involvement in this situation. And seeing as you are not willing to give a straight yes or no answer to my previous question but are trying to dodge around it... Yes. I do have the chatlogs that shows you were not killed in a driving accident and were indeed taken down by Imstyle as I previously stated. Killed in the beginning of the video died/respawned at 3:27
  9. Did you die in a car crash somewhere and was i mistaken, or did you get killed in the fight with poseidon?
  10. Are you saying that you did not get killed by Poseidon?
  11. I highly doubt there is a 'need' to delete recordings the same day they were taken, if you take into consideration the amount of storage space we have nowadays and I suspect you simply don't want to provide these recordings as it would indeed show you misusing the other situation to get back into the fight with us. After all, you could have left the area once you realized it was the poseidon battle. If you can get some of your fellow officer's to provide their recordings and it shows I'm wrong i'd happily apologize but for now i'll leave it to the admins.
  12. I find this very interesting, unless you can show me your perspective in a video I'd like to leave it to the admins.
  13. It is your problem to stay away from the fight, or when you become aware that you got involved in the previous fight to get away from there. But instead of getting away from it you opened fire and killed one of the cartel members. Yes you may. The video has been cropped to show only the chatlog as that is the only relevant information is this report, the audio or positioning used by the Cartel in this fight is not relevant to this case. Personally i feel like the video is irrelevant as the admins can see this in the server logs too. The logs will show you were initially killed by Imstyle and prior to your NLR timer expiring you killed Jeep Triton in the same combat situation. Are you trying to say the first time you got killed was in another situation?
  14. First off, I find it very odd that you start your explanation in such a hostile manner. In RP hostility is fine, but here on the forums a certain level of respect is to be expected. I do think it is your problem to stay aware and away from the combat situation in which you previously died. Can you show me your perspective which shows you accidentally got caught up in the previous combat situation and you didnt intent on using that situation to get back into the fight with us? I'd love to see his perspective too if you feel it would help out in this case, No, thank you for replying so quickly.
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