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  1. Are you broken? Need some new batteries?
  2. Thanks for listening xoxo.

  3. Is it possible to get an opinion from management as to reducing the server slots to 120 as the community has voted?
  4. RIP only listened to one of his songs but no one should die that young..
  5. I think its fair to say, its clear what the community want.
  6. Hey at least the mk1 killed with less than half a mag, usually someone can sponge half a mag or more before dying I mean i guess but he didnt even look at me when he killed me.
  7. https://gyazo.com/6412bbfc535e52929e1fca4a6e7a1462 Must of shot my ghost... Hate it when it follows you around like that.
  8. i dont mind having more slots its just the fact the server cant handle it. You will be driving on the road and someone will pass you and you will just sent, even though they are no where near you.
  9. Just wanted to see what the community want, because when it is 145 people + the server is unbearable and anything above 120 is still very bad.
  10. Absence

    MX damage issues

    Its not just 6.5's its every gun on the server, 7.62's take at least 20 bullets to kill someone. This is most likely due to the server slot increase. ill link the thread if you want to have a look through the examples.
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