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  1. Disclaimer: This video was originally started months ago but due to problems with the rockstar editor it was delayed, since then I have changed editing softwares but had already completed to much on the old one to restart it all. As a result of this, the production quallity is lower then recent productions, nonetheless I hope you enjoy!
  2. Noah puts so much effort into every roleplay scenario he encounters, he does not look at any situation as a win or a loss but as a roleplay oppitunity, I have had so many good encounters with Noah and every situation he puts 110% effort into every aspect, he is hands down one of the best roleplayers on the server. Great job Noah, keep it up!
  3. @SI GreenhalghDo benefactor work in with @Stick3rzin regards to street racing?
  4. I didn’t expect to see this! I had a lot of fun in all the scenarios with you and really enjoyed the roleplay we had with everyone. The roleplay provided by yourself was top quality and further thanks to Fred for role playing a hostage so well. Thanks for the roleplay guys!
  5. Firstly, thanks @1A3for coming to TeamSpeak last night and discussing the situation with me, it is greatly appreciated you allowed me the opportunity last night to give some form of explanation for my thought process at the time. Whilst this report has requested to be closed, I am going to politely ask this report is not closed and I am issued a ban that I must appeal for last nights situation. Last night I made a very public error of judgment and a mistake that ruined the evening for a lot of the players surrounded the prison at the time. One of my biggest mistakes l
  6. Most hated man in Los Santos? Il take it.
  7. Good to see, well done on behalf of Police Command to the officers involved!

  9. Nice photo, I hope no vehicles were abandoned in my garage
  10. Have had a good few laughs with you Johnny, shame to see this character go but I look forward to seeing what is next!
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