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  1. Your Race Is Run Thank you to @Yello@Nikolai Belski@Recon Nine@Louis Richardson @ConnorTheGreatt
  2. Would highly reccomend if you havent already got them.

    1. iggy


      the first definitive edition is the best

  3. Best compromise imo
  4. Makes server ballance more fair and will mean Police will need to be more responsible for comms, I am happy for it.
  5. Parked cars - locked, cars with civs that are driving - unlocked
  6. Typical. Couldn't just settle for being yellow, had to take it one step further

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Nikolai Belski

      Nikolai Belski

      Blue is much better than yellow 🤷‍♂️

    3. Chilli


      @Nuclearwould rather give money to @Henry Atlas at least i get something from the money

    4. Nuclear


      @Chilli True you would get a dinner.

  7. So this is where you spend your money now that Domino's have banned you

  8. Wait.. you didnt just do that did you..


    @Jason @Maverick Delta


    welcome the newest member.. 

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    2. Gray


      you wanna get me it aswell since i just reached 5 years? @Shepherd Kingston

    3. Jason


      He has already done a one up on me and Mav, we got denied secret scary rooms xP

    4. Maverick Delta

      Maverick Delta

      I got told I need to donate a grand for that 😞 If I pretend to be James Bond too can I get a spooky room?

  9. can i have £160 please

    1. Shepherd Kingston

      Shepherd Kingston

      You mean can you have another £160?

    2. Ponty
    3. Shepherd Kingston
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