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  1. A huge part of RPUK gone.. such a shame! I have witnessed and been in a few RP situations with Shepherd, I hope one day to see him again.

    One of my memories was my first time going into prison and hearing that voice and I instantly knew who it was, a major character selection in RPUK, I will be awaiting for him to return!

    1. MobExe


      Big +1 the guy that followed mine and grandaddys RP story to get life imprisonment. no clue why he's gone but I'm quite sad to see he won't be back for a while.

  2. Had an excellent few interactions over time with you Shep hope to see you back soon at one point or another to have some more!

  3. Cant believe it o7.

  4. Same for Luchetti's I only have the option to sell/set price for oranges but apples dont work
  5. A month or two ago I reported Matthew Liable for low quality roleplay, of which he was banned. Yesterday whilst doing my subathon, throughout the parts I was playing as Berthador I interacted with Matthews same character I had reported previously and the difference from then and now was insane. Matthew had made multiple decisions throughout the entire situation, of which negatively effected his character personally but made sense in roleplay, I saw him act selflessly throughout. Matthew played a massive part in the situation, lasting multiple hours of building the story, allowing it to evolve and expand into a film like experience for all. As I was streaming it all members of the community shared the same opinion that Matthews roleplay was outstanding throughout. I feel that especially after reporting Matthew for his wrongs I must also commend him for the drastic improvements he has made as of recent. I would like to encourage members of the community who witnessed the stream to share their thoughts on Matthews roleplay. I would like to put a suggestion forward to staff that Matthew recieves 1 Week Priority Q, as a small reward. @Matthew LabileGreat job mate, thank you and all others in the storyline for the amazing RP experience, I have chosen to highlight yourself in the player reccomendation over others due to my previous experiences with you.
  6. eVbr3GJ.jpg

    1. Shepherd Kingston

      Shepherd Kingston

      Gone but never forgotten

    2. JohnKiff


      Aint that John Kiff xD

    3. Chlo


      Already miss him 😞 

  7. New Youtube Video!


  8. Los Santos Police Service | Police Complaints This thread has been made to allow members of the community easy access to issue a Police Complaint. After receiving feedback from the public wanting a more streamlined complaints process, I am pleased to annouce our new complaints system moving forward. Members of the public will be free to use the Police Complaints Form to submit complaints that will be reviewed by Police Command and the Chief Inspectors. It is important when filling out the form you give as much detial as possible, ensure all contact information is correct and provide any evidence you have to backup your complaint. Your complaint will always be replied to, although the time it takes to process each complaint can vary. Once a conclusion has been met, you will be informed of the outcome. Thanks, Superintendent Kingston.
  9. Hi Stve, Thanks for your feedback. I fully understand the perspective you are providing in regards to some roleplay being shutdown, something that plays a part in this is the amount of effort each officer finds substantial enough to let you off for x, y or z. If the roleplay is thorough enough then the officer should take that into consideration and allow it to weigh in on the final decision making. Something that I feel is important to put across is poor roleplay attempts are often given with the bare minimum roleplay to back up their excuse, a common example would be “ my mate/gran gave it to me, I didn’t know what it was “ I imagine officers that have experienced a lot of that have a bad taste in their mouth that leaves those with good roleplay excuses at a point of being instantly judged and accused. This is one of those situations where I cannot roleplay for everyone, I need to trust them to make the correct decisions themselves. If you feel the roleplay was unfair or to focused on “ winning “ record it and send it to myself or another member of police command so we can look into it.
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