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  1. Hi Stve, Thanks for your feedback. I fully understand the perspective you are providing in regards to some roleplay being shutdown, something that plays a part in this is the amount of effort each officer finds substantial enough to let you off for x, y or z. If the roleplay is thorough enough then the officer should take that into consideration and allow it to weigh in on the final decision making. Something that I feel is important to put across is poor roleplay attempts are often given with the bare minimum roleplay to back up their excuse, a common example would be “ my mate/gran gave it to me, I didn’t know what it was “ I imagine officers that have experienced a lot of that have a bad taste in their mouth that leaves those with good roleplay excuses at a point of being instantly judged and accused. This is one of those situations where I cannot roleplay for everyone, I need to trust them to make the correct decisions themselves. If you feel the roleplay was unfair or to focused on “ winning “ record it and send it to myself or another member of police command so we can look into it.
  2. Glad you enjoyed it:) was a good laugh, if your interested you can watch my POV of the situation and see us use inflatable airbags to jump off the roof at twitch.tv/Shepherd_UK
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  4. Hello @TikTak, I have already addressed this further up the thread. Thanks nonetheless for your input. Hi @Custard Cream@M I completely agree with you that tasers are sometimes deployed to quickly or without good reason to do so, this is something Police Command have recognised and have started cracking down on, currently our standpoint is that if someone misuses their firearm or taser they will loose their Weapons Profficency Training for 2 weeks and be required to resit it after those 2 weeks. This is purely speculation and something I imagine contributes towards the issue you mention, the officer may be new to the Police Service and unsure of alternative methods due to lack of experience or has had bad experiences in the past as a result of not deploying a taser. Regardless, we hope to see this issue improve with new enforcment taking place on misuse cases although being realistic, it is likely to always be somewhat of a thing, each induvidual is required to make their own decisions and sometimes they make the wrong ones. Hope this gives you insight into how we aim to tackle this, Thanks for you Feedback. Supt Kingston. Hello @Qrow I understand your perspective and what it must be like interacting with the police sometimes, esspecially in tense and high adrenaline situations. One thing I think is important, and an issue with both sides of conflict is that both sides rarely see each others perspective, even if they try to, they will never have experienced the situation with the same information that the actual oppositition did, from the police perspective, we may have held information on someone and not actioned it imedietely for whatever reason but then a week later when we action it, everyone is confused and irritated due to lack of information, which circles back to your point of communication. I 100% agree communication is an issue, personally an issue I feel is in every Faction/Group/Gang within the server and whilst it can be improved, it is highly likely it will ever be so smooth we wont have an issue at all, whilst we can provide advice and implement rules we cannot force good solid communications. It is encouraged within the Police by senior officers to not have to deal with everything as it happens, you are able to collect intelligence and action it at a later date, esspecially if you are not equiped to deal with the issue, ultimately it comes down to common sense and officers need to use their discretion, Seniors will direct these situations when they are there but when they are not we rely that officers will make the right decision. Whilst I wish I could tell you we will eventually get to a stage where the police will never make the wrong decision, unfortunately we do, we have to aim to educate and improve, a constant process. I agree with you that officers need to allow their characters to develop and not be so robotic at times, roleplay is and always should be the focus, again this is not something we can do for officers but something they must learn themselves. In regards to CID Corruption, whilst some officers in the past who have been corrupt have made very good roleplay situations and stories, others have not, whilst it can be benificial, like anything, too much of it can result in a negative effect, we want to avoid a stigma other agencys have previously obtained that " All of them are corrupt " but encourage others to venture into deep stories with their characters. Hope this gives some insight, Thanks. Supt Kingston.
  5. Glad you enjoyed the stream and the characters we came up with tonight, pleasure to provide the roleplay and glad to hear people enjoy it! Cheers for watching the stream, means a lot more then you will know! Also, @Jack Mckenzie
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    1. Shepherd Kingston

      Shepherd Kingston

      Going to be a fun stream, see you all at 8pm !

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  7. Appreciate the post, glad you enjoyed it, was a good bit of roleplay
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