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  1. R.I.P HappyKnife you will be missed!

  2. 15mill? I'll stick to sleeping in the skip
  3. How much ket do you infuse on a daily basis? (15g+): I supply the good ol uncle kenny. Get proper ketty legs on the weekend all the time. Consume so much I put myself in a k hole which isn’t good. Will you love and protect the dominant males?: cause I can what kind of question is that. How many hours do you have on mw2? (5h+): well I was in SoaRSniping for a while and had trials for FaZeClan. p.s MD and ket is a proper wicked combo
  4. JRDN

    Never gets old

    it got old like last year
  5. JRDN


    all about tunes like this
  6. Noticed with this patch I’ve been getting drops there is a few YouTube videos I watched to optimise the game try searching for a few
  7. Was happy to donate £50 on Pontys stream knowing it was for a good cause, good job both you lads!
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