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  1. Fergu!!! where is the Rapper Sjors music on your profile......? 😞

    1. Fergu


      isn't my profile song better now?

    2. Rapper Sjors
  2. 2 years damn


  3. I told you multiple times to drop the gun gave you enough time to do it and you just didnt so i initiated on u and it took me too long and i didnt see you went into your inventory (maybe to drop te gun) You didnt send a message in ooc to ask me to come to ts to resolve this Also we didnt run you over. (I didnt)
  4. Fergu please change the music when i visit your profile 😛


    XOXO Rapper Sjors


    1. Famke Louise

      Famke Louise

      Pls remove the minecraft remix.


      Make it a song by famke louise😚Foto-Comedy-Central.jpg.8b74971dd1fd61ddf40d78025248f54d.jpg



    2. Rapper Sjors

      Rapper Sjors

      No a song from me!!! Rapper Sjors.


      XOXO Rapper Sjors




  5. With my girl @Famke Louise


    For my Dutch fans!!!!!!!

    Yeah lets go!


  6. I added his name because he was with these guys who killed some of my people [RDM] @SGT Max Conway reported him too there is a video of him rdming this is why i added his name.
  7. Your In-game name Rapper Sjors Name of the player(s) you are reporting Arbaaz,Luke. Luke Chongs Date of the incident 25/03/19 Time of the incident (GMT) 1930 What best describes this incident ? RDM Which server did the incident take place on Server 1 Please (in detail) describe the incident Me and @Whongcheng were just driving around and talking with the gang and we come out of a turn and there is a heli on the road so we pass the heli they didnt innitiate nothing so we turned around and i stepped out to talk with them and then t
  8. It was a active gunfight and i knew they were together i didnt know if he was armed as you can see i only shot twice and with those shots i killed him already, while he was in the heli i couldnt see if he had a gun or anything.
  9. His name is meeloo and i have evidence on more rules youre breaking so just accept it. READ THE RULES!
  10. Hahaha read the rules you shot me when the heli almost crashed i didnt hear you saying stop the car or your tires will be shot or anything like thad only leave 5 4 3 2 1 so.........
  11. Well if a person gives this roleplay i dont even wanna talk with him he counted down to let me leave then he RDM'ed me too and executed me and the other guy on the ground said it wasnt his friend. and after thad i found out it was his friend and they said i RDM'ed Just leave it how it is if you guys told him to actualy roleplay and read the rules its fine.
  12. @Roberts No i dont i deleted it a couple days ago @SI Kai Did apoligized himself but it is still bad roleplay saying you gonna shoot someone if someone says something thads weird if you can kill people already for thad reason. and i dont know how i should broke roleplay
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