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  1. It's partially fixed. Pressing ESC now correctly closes the menu. However, I've now noticed if you click outside of the window it causes the UI to 'shake' but also takes the UI out of focus and requires the same fix as mentioned in my previous post. This video I close the window with ESC and open it again repeatedly, until I click outside of the window which then breaks it.
  2. The problem is then we end up with the situation that happened this weekend where @Stick3rzput out plans for the car meet for yesterday, posters out on Tweedle on the week leading up to it. The beach party ended up being planned for the same date and thus he has had to cancel and move to this date. People can't always get into game on the weekday and thus some notification of an event might get missed. Plenty of advertisement is done by @Stick3rzon Tweedle, but in the nature of how it works when the server is busy a post probably is knocked down the feed in about 30 seconds. If you haven't loo
  3. So, I'll save making separate threads. I do enjoy a good photo every now and again. Getting moneys worth out of my 1070 graphics card. Some of these have some post-editing to tidy up etc. I use NVE which otherwise improves aspects of the game already.
  4. VOIP issues have always occurred at any event in the past. It's part of the on-going issues it has had but I think improvements have been made since. I don't think it's terrible. The event today at the beach didn't have any voice issues (other than just being quite loud, but goes to show everyone could otherwise hear each other speaking). Last car meet Joe King done there was no server crash and I don't recall one being at the previous one before that. There was a degrade in individual client performance for some, but it wasn't impossible to work with. Those with lower spec computers will
  5. Can you upload it to YouTube?
  6. I finish work at 20:00, but hopefully get away early so I can get to this. Look forward to it!
  7. Vehicle: Audi RS6 Coupe Current Speed (If applicable): 110 New Speed (If applicable): 150 Modification Issues: None ----------- Vehicle: Audi RS5 Current Speed (If applicable): 110 New Speed (If applicable): 140 Modification Issues: None
  8. JasonO


    As a regular patron of the location I have seen this on one occasion. I think it’s never happened while people are inside, I imagine it’s where GTA/FiveM is loading traffic/local ai in when someone comes into the area and occasionally placing one in here. Didn’t mention it to anyone as when I saw it no one else was around. I left the area come back and it despawned. My very animated dance moves requires a lot of space on the dance floor and of course this hinders me when there’s a car there.
  9. Awesome! Look forward to it. A little taster of a previous event...
  10. Happy Birthday Drew!

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      Thanks man 👊🏼

  11. I found that you get one good run with the hook on a car, but once it's come off it will hook again but then instantly detaches the moment you move again and it's impossible to then hook anything. Not sure if this is a FiveM mechanic that's not good or something within the RPUK framework. Shame really as it makes for means of recovering vehicles outside of the mechanic job.
  12. https://wiki.roleplay.co.uk/Guide:Install_FiveM Check out the Wiki, has quite a bit of information to help you get going.
  13. Had this question pop up before and had mixed views with those I spoke with. You cause someone to be downed but you don't hang around to see them respawn or fully die. Did they die or not? If that person does die, they have a responsibility of following NLR but perhaps you could cross paths with someone again as such of your incident. How are they to know you died or not? NLR is written to put the responsibility of the player who died to forget enemies, but the enemies won't necessarily know to forget the player who died. As I see it's not written for other players to take into accou
  14. I've intervened with two incidents of people being like this to two separate females in the street. I've not really seen it before then in the last months. Has it got worse recently or just coincidence? Top work with this guy though. Tables were turned haha. You're right though. Some guys on the server do seem to lose their mind and turn into animals. Good luck with the police interview.
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