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  1. Hello, As a mechanic, If you use the 'impound' option on a vehicle that is still attached to the flatbed truck, it does indeed impound it but it then causes the truck to still have a variable that makes it think a vehicle is still attached. If you then go to put on a new vehicle it keeps saying "Detaching" instead of "attaching", but then doesn't detach anything and thus prevents new vehicle getting attached. Workaround currently I found is to get a new truck to resolve the above issue. As a new player this caught me out, which I guess has made sure I'm extra careful I remove be
  2. JasonO

    Priority Queing

    If it helps, when queing I noted my queue position increase which I assume is those with the perk jumping in front of me. So Ithink it could be working but perhaps not all the time? Edit - having reviewed 1-2 other posts on here.. is priority queing actually a thing?
  3. Top work. I'm a Mind Blue Light Champion and the training and resources they've offered me to help others within my workplace has been great. On a larger scale Mind have helped many that I know and people I've come in contact with in some way or another. This is the first I've seen or heard of the donation and stream so wasn't aware otherwise would have chipped in as well. Top work everyone. Will keep out for any further good causes the community does in the near future
  4. No problem, thank you. I was just going through the jobs on the wiki and thought I'd try it out.
  5. Hello everyone, Recently started on the server. I've purchased a blood delivery licence from City Hall expecting to see something at the marker. The marker is at the Crusade Road Hospital and the wiki suggests this is something I need to enter? I've arrived at the marker and cannot see any option to get in and out of the hospital or begin the blood pickup. Am I being silly or is something not right?
  6. Medal appears to be looking to allow profiles from Plays TV to be transfered
  7. +1 for ShadowPlay. I find it to be the best quality recording without having any impact on my performance. I think it's down to how it obtains the video from the graphics card.
  8. You're going to get high latency anyway (vs those playing UK/Europe). They'll be numerous 'hops' it's making to connect to the UK server and you only need a few ms latecy on each and it'll add up. If it's not your computer or router then the chances are it's out of your control as it'll be your ISP and whatever route it takes to get to the UK.
  9. I get that; but that could be limited to just your own via a linked account.
  10. Surely if it's information for your account only visible to only you; like a summary it isn't breaching GDPR?
  11. Could it have some kind of tracker/radar capability of some sort? Not sure what it would 'track' but looks like something this vehicle could be capable of.
  12. +1 to the Corsair Void. Didn't know they were that close to your budget as above. Mines wireless but otherwise the headset itself is the same and very good quality.
  13. I'm not affected by this, but curious; what is the reason(s) for the restriction? What's the concern?
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    Work Christmas Partaaaay. Looking smart once a year. Typically had a massive spot grow on my chin that morning. Still slightly hungover.

    Merry Christmas everyone x

  15. Mobile sexual health clinic showing a success.
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