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  1. Butch

    Border Wars

    Max 2 at a time as pos i was the only one who pulled em ahah don't you have like a limit of 3 hunters? Personally I think the limit should be removed like
  2. Butch

    Border Wars

    i agree with this, if Poseidon actually pushed caps and didn´t waste 16 members on fighting random spots in fields yea it coulda been different.
  3. Save loadout function please. Regearing everytime i so tideous when you can just add a option to save current loadouts and buy them when you die. Also the MRAP restriction for Poseidon needs to be removed its dead af. Rebels need better rewards for holding the zones so they atleast break even during it. Add another rebel FOB around Athira for easy regearing.
  4. host another server cleanse out everything thats not needed for gangwars boom done rpers can rp in peace and people that like combat can do so without having cars flying around everwhere
  5. why tf are ppl downvoting this.... smh
  6. any reasons cops can´t go zones? Legit doing nothing other than making them less active and fun... Nice one.

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    2. Nuclear


      Well there's less incentive for Pos to go there now as well so expect less of them too.

    3. M



      Make a unit or assign a unit with the task of fighting redzones to keep money out of rebel hands. Make sure the numbers keep limited and there are some rules to when they are able to go.

      @Moh Lesteryou've just described armed response. well done 👍

    4. Moh Lester

      Moh Lester

      Well let them go then

  7. ett tage man inte får cancer av gutt
  8. Butch

    Add more Clothes.

    speakin of, i still have like 4 maybe even 5 submissions in there thats just layin about. You lot reckon your gonna use these anytime soon? I still feel as if Qilins and ifrits are lacking textures for rebels
  9. Well thats Arma 3 reinstalled
  10. Clearly @Ji the Pillagerwould have been the superior option hahha no cap tho, think before you hand ppl money before reciving your items it aint hard to avoid being on the internet homieeeee
  11. very trustworthy seller i recommend!!!!!!!!!!!
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