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  1. Butch

    RGBY Hex Camo Qilins

    Best of luck these still aint in after 2 years
  2. If noone likes working on Altis and actively develop/come up with new concepts for the server and communicate with the playerbase then what is the point? Surely it´s better focus your rescorces on new / other projects then? Otherwise it just becomes a money drain lmao
  3. https://www.battleye.com/support/faq/
  4. Game is old and dying, lack of updates might contribute aswell but idk
  5. Doubt it I still have 3 skins that ain't in yet
  6. You don't bother preventing it just crying so why not!
  7. Maybe you just shouldn´t Last time "roleplayers" kept on shutting down combat suggestions etc. the server was hitting 30 players a night. We finnaly got the zones sorted, border wars added and hopefully rebel will be looked at next. Maybe people that like the combat side of Arma 3 just have a better understanding (and playtime) of what actually makes a server decent.
  8. If you don't actively make suggestions to improve it you don't have the right to cry about it either
  9. I'm sry but their is 0 need to change church. It's been a good fight since the game launched and needs to be left untouched like OG Idk if you you have been missing out on the player increase lately or wut you are on. More ppl in Redzones = More money being spent = Doing runs = Stuff for people that go near Redzones to do. Let people suggest wtf they want and you can submit your rp additions without commenting on shit that does not affect you one bit.
  10. Was there any more work done regarding a special event server for borderwars that is stripped from everything? It is very needed atm.

  11. idk haha i kinda like having gold tyres but yea it looks abit dumb, like i said these can be applied to any vehicle really. It´s just a matter of the looks, i tried it on a hatchy but that looked shit
  12. So these "Textures" are created using rvmats, they provide a cool glow to different types of vehicles and look really unique and makes the enviorment more alive. If people enjoy the suggestion of adding these to Ifrit´s, prowlers, qilins and HEMTT´s i´ll happily send over the files to devs. Another plus to these materials are the file size, they take up roughly 6 kb´s all togheter which really is nothing. These materials can also be provided to every vehicle so if you have any other ideas im happy to slap them onto them and see how it looks.
  13. If I could I would apologize to the guy I said it to however since they all were banned and had no ties to the community I can't. This is not something I would wish upon anyone regardless of what they said to me. It was uncalled for and something I said I wouldn't do ever again in my unban which I hope you lot can see past. I have been nothing but respectful and kind to members of this community since I got unbanned and plan to keep on that path. I've rejoined a whitelisted faction and gotten a decent rank and all my previous whitelist back. Surely that means something, I've also provided constructive criticism to suggestions and events on the server and contributed that way. I've kinda touched on this above but I wanna make it clear that. I have never since my unban been toxic towards members of this community or lashed out at anyone in-game or on the forums. I realise It looks like shit when you quote my unban appeal and I'm in clear violation of that and am sry about my actions towards the people I was toxic towards. Regarding me outgrowing that mentality I clearly have some more work to do in regards to how I act online. I hope you'll allow me to work on this in this community as I do enjoy playing here and find it way less toxic then some of the other communities I've taken part in. I'm pretty sure I mentioned me getting a job in my last unban. Since then it's gone really well and it got extended with a promotion and I think that speaks more than everything I've typed above. Clearly I fked up and I can't do more than apologize and hope I'm allowed to still play the server when this is dealt with.
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