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  1. Fran Healy Reaction GIF by Travis

    1. Fergu


      Duty Wasteman 


      #ChrisM TSS #1

  2. Fergu

    When did this guy get banned wtf

    1. WhoisDan


      Punk is banned too. They just seem to be banning anyone that claims that Management don't care about Altis anymore. It's absurd.

    2. Daanv


      without locking or hiding this,

      Hive wasnt banned due to what happened on the forums but due to something that happened somewhere else.

      Guys please use your head dont asume the worse, especially if you have no clue what happened.


  3. Does Wilco even have the game installed anymore, he probably uninstalled the game like 2019. Lowkey like the idea tho.
  4. Is there even any point talking about it anymore? This thread will just get locked as expected, Altis is gone man, no one is wanting to work on it which is sad,. People want gunfights over roleplay. Why do you think other servers have over 100 players day in day out? Cause they have events, an actually decent gang wars where you dont have to travel 10k to the next zone. And dont give me the "well this is roleplay.co.uk you have to roleplay" yeah, but not everything is about roleplay and way over the top initiations and especially counter-initiations, idk man, servers gone, May aswell shut it down Management, we tried.
  5. Agreed Also, to go with the fact that RP is old school now for arma, it doesn't happen, people now go on the server for gunfights at the redzones or go round the whole server fighting, which is what people want but, people are still thinking you can still RP with what 5 people. Oh, how fun is that?! Look at other servers, roleplay still goes on, but its not advanced like this. If this server was just all out war with gunfights and fun events that happen every so often, I'm telling you this server would be high up in population. Arma 3 isn't what it is now, the game evolved. An example can be they literally brought a marksmen DLC out for people who want to sit out 1.6k away and snipe, now people use marksmen rifles for CQC. the game is evolving. This server could be so good. Keyword being "good". Tbh I think it's lost potential, people left it for too long, this server is like 2 years behind.
  6. Yikes, so much beef on the forums

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    2. Hive


      2 month yikes, lol

    3. Simon Ross

      Simon Ross

      smh not pog

    4. Kayn


      Swearing is bad!! 😡😡😡

  7. Honestly, I have no excuse apart from I just didn't think before I spoke, I knew straight away it was bang out of order after I said it. I really didn't mean to start throwing insults and I knew I shouldn't of gave my self the tags back after I did. I was gonna apologize for my behaviour but that was too late and I should of just gone with it instead of being a total cunt to Samantha.
  8. Unban Appeal for Hive In-game Name: Hive [2666] [DAM] Server: Teamspeak Steam ID: 76561198234428764 Ban ID: N/A Reason given for your ban: (C6.2) Abuse/swearing or unpleasant behaviour towards the staff team is not acceptable - Permanent Ban In your own words, please type why you think you were banned.: During a JFS with Sam/Samantha about an issue I got a bit hostile and proceeded to hurl words at her which should not of been said to a staff member. I'll admit I was a bit over the top in this situation and this is why I was banned. Why should we unban you ?: Honestly, I'm not one to start shit or get my self in trouble, It was all in the heat of the moment, I got really annoyed over a little thing which I should of just accepted. I just didn't think before I spoke which was the issue here and I should not of taken it out on Sam. I've never been banned from this server, not to my knowledge apart from one little incident that happened with Madassrubberduck, but he unbanned me right away. I've been here for years and stayed out of trouble, I do apologise to Sam for my behaviour. it won't happen again. Please confirm that you have read the unban appeal process and rules: Yes
  9. Right, what does everyone think about a massive OG fight tonight? Like all of Posiedon, AR (If we get perms) all of the big rebel gangs. Just make it a massive fight.

    Please no scrapping please, 😉

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    2. Boab


      0 Competition it's buried

    3. Joseph Triton

      Joseph Triton

      Yeah try telling Vulcan not to scrap haha

    4. Johnny Vulcan

      Johnny Vulcan

      Yeh try telling volatile to stop being bad. And get good 

  10. So, as we all know, Altis Life RPUK is dead. I think personally we need another community meeting to discuss what we can do to bring this server back to life, maybe back to above 100 players if possible. I really don't wanna see this server go. It has the potential to be a really good server for people. At this exact moment Arma has 4 players and GTA RP has 187 players. Is there a chance we can get another community meeting going to discuss issues and attempt to fix this? 

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    2. Punk


      5m killed arma and sorry but it's not even good. Don't know why the management let us arma players down. To say it's your last post @Wilcoisn't helping at all. It looks like u dont want the arma community anymore!

    3. Tuna


      Please use this topic now to continue this discussion, as this status update will soon disappear off the main RPUK forum hub

    4. Wilco


      Management let you down... I think you will find management chucked the kitchen sink at it with multiple hours of work and discussions and even a management member developing new features and even allowed one last community meeting on it. 

      To which I said before and during the meeting this was it... one last go!

      I am not allowed my personal opinion ? I think I am! Its dead for roleplay, I ve accepted it after many years, and yes i personally have left the arma community its uninstalled..

      Yours truly one gob on a stick from the management team... others have different opinions

      I am just one person with a red name that you all seem to take far far too seriously thinking click and point when there are 5 others with the power to decide and action!

      Anyone would think the management have called a meeting to close it down 😂 and here we have a poll 🙈

  11. https://imgur.com/a/6qgfeXl

    This makes me think of you

    1. Hive


      Absolutely fucking not!

  12. Perhaps you should edit some of your settings in TS? I can't help but notice a nickname on me and you've either got me buddied (which I highly doubt) or blocked which means you can't receive a message from me
  13. https://gyazo.com/fb74e472e8f352bc91c3502fb4b3cac5 I did message you So... Let me get this straight. You knew i was in an "Invisible DMT" and you took advantage of that to kill me? You Could have just allowed me to come down the DMT or just ignored it all together. Its not asif you didnt know i was going up an invisible DMT because you said "Wait theres one going up a dmt thats not there for me"
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